Start Smart Workshop

March 15, 2012​
Negotiating salaries is a challenge for women at all stages of their careers because women are less likely than men to ask for the pay they deserve. Mt. San Jacinto College in collaboration with the AAUW Temecula Branch is offering the Start Smart workshop, an interactive training designed to give women the confidence and skills they need to earn fair compensation.
The workshop is free and open to all MSJC students on the Mt. San Jacinto College Menifee Valley Campus, 28237 La Piedra Rd., Menifee, 92584, Saturday, March 24, 2012, from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm., in Room 805.
The $tart $mart campus initiative, a collaboration between AAUW and the WAGE Project, was created in fall 2007 by WAGE, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gender wage gap.
The $tart $mart salary negotiation workshop empowers college women to overcome the gender wage gap and teaches them to benchmark and negotiate for a fair and equitable salary when they enter the job market. $tart $mart salary negotiation workshops have been held on more than 120 campuses throughout the United States (see the current $tart $mart workshop sites in the tool kit). WAGE and AAUW have not found any other campus program that offers such detailed skill-building exercises. $tart $mart is popular with students and AAUW members, who make up the majority of facilitators for the program (see $tart $mart testimonials from
students and facilitators in the tool kit).
To register for the $tart $mart Workshop, please go to
Please contact JoAnna Quejada at 951-639-5321 for more information.