Students Encouraged to Register for First-Year Experience Summer Program

MSJC’s First-Year Experience is designed to increase students’ persistence, retention and success rates. The program will cultivate personal and academic growth through student engagement and educational planning and will establish meaningful relationships. This will be achieved by orienting the students to MSJC and the community college life, generating awareness of student support and instructional resources, and creating comprehensive-obtainable educational goals.
Students who are eligible for Engl 61, Engl 62, ESL 50, ESL 51, or ESL 62W can participate in the First-Year Experience Summer Bridge Program. The program is designed to provide students with an extended orientation. Students must attend all four days to complete the bridge. Contact Liza Castillo, 951-639-5293, or Susan Hochstrat, 951-639-5263,  directly if interested.