Thursday Night Lecture Series at The Western Science Center

Mt. San Jacinto College, in partnership with the Western Science Center in Hemet, once again offers a lecture series to the community.  
This semester’s lecture series is titled “The Promise and Peril of the Information Age”. 
The first lecture will be held on September 15th and will be given by Professor Denise Dalaimo from the Sociology Department on the San Jacinto Campus. 
All lectures are on Thursday evenings at 7pm.  They are free to members of the Museum, $5 for students with student ID cards and $8 for non-members. 
The Western Science Center is located at 2345 Searl Parkway in Hemet and is fairly close to both the Menifee Valley and San Jacinto college campuses. (
The full series is as follows:

September 15th: Why Do We All Think That Way? By Denise Dalaimo, Dept. of Sociology, MSJC
What role does today’s media take in reinforcing ideas of beauty, age, love, sex, race, class, gender, and sexual orientation?

October 20th: New Improved Movies—Now with Real Truth! By Paul Hendry, Dept. of English, MSJC
The documentary genre has permanently altered film aesthetics and driven audiences towards narratives that are increasingly “true”. Investigate how modern documentaries can undermine the distinction between fiction and non-fiction.

November 17th: The GIS Revolution by Vanessa Del Rio, Dept. of Geographic Information Systems, MSJC
Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, can be a powerful tool for monitoring and tracking societies. How does GIS affect our privacy and sense of global identity?

December 8th: Privacy in the Information Age by Stacey Searl-Chapin, Dept. of Political Science, MSJC
Is privacy as we know it a thing of the past? What are the positive and negative possibilities of social networks like Facebook? Are they worth the risks?
For more information contact Erik Ozolins, Honors Enrichment Program Coordinator, Associate Professor and Chair-Department of Anthropology, at 951-639-5725 or