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MSJC > Public Information & Marketing Office > Timesheet Deadline Change for Permanent Classified Employees

Timesheet Deadline Change for Permanent Classified Employees

(PLEASE NOTE:  This information ONLY applies to permanent classified employees. It does not apply to temporary employees such as substitutes, hourly certificated/associate faculty, professional experts, and/or short-term employees.)
Due to the recent changes in the district-wide schedule to 4-9-4 effective 8/8/11, and to allow adequate time for processing timesheets for permanent classified employees, the monthly timesheets deadline has been permanently changed effective immediately to: Due in Human Resources by 4:00pm on the 10th of each month (instead of the 15th).  In addition, the reporting period has also changed to the 10th through 9th (instead of the 15th to the 14th) on the timesheet form.

PLEASE NOTE: The SUMMER TIMESHEET will continue to be used for the July/August period.  For a smooth transition the July/August timesheet will be due on Wednesday, August 10th.  Beginning August 10th any hours worked from August 10th through September 9th, will require the “NEW” timesheet. 
All classified employees are now required to complete and submit the “NEW” timesheet as follows:
·         The reporting period has been changed to the 10th through the 9th of each month (i.e. Time period August 10th through September 9th 2011; September 10th through October 9th, etc.)
·         Timesheets are due in Human Resources by 4:00pm on the 10th of each month
NEW TIMESHEET INFORMATION AND ACCESS: Employees are encouraged to click on one of the following links and download the applicable NEW timesheet to their personal or department drives as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.  
The NEW timesheets are located on the P drive: (P:\FORMS\HR Timesheet -Regular Monthly AND/OR P:\FORMS\HR Alternative Timesheet)
·         The Regular Monthly timesheet will only calculate overtime IF the employee works over 9 hours in a day (which is now considered the district regular work schedule)
·         Full-time employees working a 4/9/4 schedule must complete the NEW regular monthly timesheet
·         Part-time employees (regardless of schedule) must complete the NEW “regular” monthly timesheet
·         Full-time employees who will continue working Monday – Friday 8 hours (5/8) (upon approval by Executive Cabinet) must complete the NEW “regular” monthly timesheet)*
*NOTE: If your regular schedule is less than 9 hours the NEW regular timesheet will  not calculate OT automatically unless you work more than 9 hours in a day.  Therefore, you will need to manually write in any overtime hours in the overtime column. 
·         Employees who work a  Board Approved alternative schedule or who work an approved 4/10 work schedule are required to complete the alternative timesheet.
NOTE: A Monday through Thursday nine (9) hours per day and four (4) hours on Friday (4/9/4) is no longer considered an alternate schedule since the districts regular operating /work schedule is now a 4/9/4 schedule.
IMPORTANT: All timesheets that are completed correctly, reflect the appropriate signatures, indicate OT or comp time, and are received in Human Resources by 4:00 p.m. on August 10, 2011  will receive priority processing and be reflected on your August 31st paycheck.  Any timesheets received after 4:00 p.m. on August 10th are late.  Due to payroll processing deadlines, late timesheets (timesheets received in HR after 4pm on the 10th of the month) will not be processed until the next regular monthly payroll on September 30, 2011.    
·         Employees are paid on the last working day of each month.
·         A “pay period” runs from the 1st of the month through the last day of each month (for example, July 1 to 31, with a pay date of July 31).
·         A “timesheet reporting period” runs from the 10th of one month through the 9th of the next month (for example, August 10 to September 9).  All overtime and/or excess straight time reported for a reporting period is paid on the regular pay date at the end of the month (i.e., reporting period 8/10 – 9/9 paid on 9/30)
·         Timesheets are not used to calculate an employees base pay.  Timesheets are used by the District to comply with the recordkeeping requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act which requires employers to maintain records of all employees work schedules.
·         Timesheets are used to report and pay any exceptions to an employee’s base pay such as overtime, excess straight time, unpaid leave, vacation, etc. and should always reflect the actual hours worked during the reporting period.
Due to these facts listed above - please be aware that any pay adjustments (OT, comp time, excess straight time, unpaid days, etc.) reported on the timesheet are based on the timesheet information for the reporting period (10th through 9th), NOT the pay period (1st through end of month). SCENERIO: Overtime worked during the reporting period of the July 10th through  August 9th will be processed on the August 31 pay date.

Your assistance is appreciated! Please print and post this information for those employees who do not have daily access to district email and please take steps to ensure that all classified employees are made aware of the new timesheet and new timesheet deadline. Failure to complete and submit the NEW TIMESHEET may result in a delay of payments for overtime and/or excess straight time.

If you have any questions regarding this information or if you need further clarification, please contact me.  I will be happy to go over the steps necessary to assist you in completing your timesheet accurately.