Video production class

Students will head out of the classroom to learn about the various elements of filming on location in a new class starting in August at the San Jacinto campus.

The 3-unit class, offered through the Audio and Video Technology Program, starts Aug. 18 and runs for 16 weeks.

The Menifee Valley campus offers another video class, but the one at the San Jacinto campus is new.

In the new class, students will use three professional-quality Cannon XL2 video cameras and shoot footage on campus or in the local community to produce commercials. They will get experience in shooting, directing, building scenes and more. Students will learn about lighting techniques, filming on location, computer-generated composition, green screen shoots and digital editing.

Students can learn to shoot commercials like the one recently produced for the audio production class.

It can be viewed at

For more information, call instructor Dave Parrott at 951-487-3666.