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MSJC > Public Information & Marketing Office > Weekly Round-Up 9-13-2011

Weekly Round-Up 9-13-2011

Accreditation Question of the Week: How many years is a college required to participate in reaffirmation of accreditation?
Answer: 6 years   (source:
Congratulations to the Winners!
Administration: Brian Orlauski
Classified: Kirstin Hopkins
Faculty/Associate Faculty: Belinda Heiden-Scott
(Winners: please reply to this email to arrange delivery of your prize!)
Race for the Cure
On Friday, September 9, MSJC was selected as the Team of the Week for the Race for the Cure!  Let’s keep it up!  Join the team or donate to the team at
The Great California Shake Out
Steps 1A, 2 and 3
Don’t forget to take a look around your work area for potential hazards:
Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar-SJC
Sep. 13, 12:30
Author Reading-MVC
Sep. 13, 12:30
Award-winning author, Leslie What, will read and engage in discussion about the craft of writing fiction
Anthropology Film: The Basques of Santazi
Sep. 13, 12:30
For more information contact Erik Ozolins at 951-639-5725 or
Honors Workshop-SJC    Transferring to a Four-Year
Sep. 13, 12:30
iStudent Workshops-MVC: Time Management
Sep. 13, 12:30
For more information contact Alex Cuatok at 951-639-5267 or
iStudent Workshops-SJC     Scholarships: Money For College
Sep. 13 & 15, 12:30
For more information contact Alex Cuatok at 951-487-3267 or
Early Alert Clinic
Sep. 13-Oct. 14
Sep. 14, 10am-2pm
Punch and cookies will be served in room 1113
For more information contact Mary Silva-Montano at
Counseling Workshop-SJC: Scholarships
Sep. 14, 11am
State of the College
Sep. 14, Noon
Join President Schultz and the Executive Cabinet for an update on the State of the College
Math Workshops-SJC: Math 90 Ch. 4, LCM GCF
Sep. 14 & 15, 1pm
For more information contact Theresa Hert at 951-487-3751 or
Choreography Showcase-MVC
Sep. 14, 2pm
Eagles Veteran & Dependent Organization Meetings-SJC & MVC
Sep. 14, 4pm
Promoting education, professionalism and camaraderie among veterans, members of the armed forces and dependents of veterans
Constitution Day Celebration-MVC
Sep. 15, 9am-Noon
Hosted by Outreach and the SGA, Constitution Day is a fun way for students to get involved and learn more about our Constitution!
For more information contact Sandi Uhrig at 951-487-3380 or
Honors Workshop-MVC    Transferring to a Four-Year
Sep. 15, 12:30
Amnesty International Film: The Seeker
Sep. 15, 12:30
Faculty Book of the Month Club: The Surrendered
Sep. 15, 12:30
For more information contact Michelle Stewart at 951-639-5645 or
Math Workshops-MVC: Operations on Fractions
Sep. 15, 12:30
For more information contact Patrick Kenyon at
Lecture Series at Western Science Center: Why Do We All Think That Way?
Sep. 15, 7pm
For more information contact Erik Ozolins at 951-639-5725 or
Art Gallery-Community Outreach Art Exhibition
Ends Sep. 15
“Black, White and Read All Over: An A.R.T.E.R.Y. Collaboration”
For more information contact Brandy Dillaway at 951-487-3585 or
Classified Fundraiser
Sep. 16
Audiences Unlimited will pay the Classified Senate for each viewer of free TV show taping
History & Humanities Film: Bringing up Baby
Sep. 16, 6-10pm
For more information contact Jim Davis at 951-639-5660 or
Continuing Education Career Training Orientation: Facilities Maintenance Tech
Sep. 17, 10am-Noon
For more information contact Lupe Jimenez at 951-487-3701 or
Eagles Play Home Game at Vista Murrieta
Sep. 17
Counseling Workshop-MVC
Sep. 20, 12:30
Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars-MVC
Sep. 20 & 21, 12:30
Community Resource Fair-SJC
Sep. 22, 10am-1pm
Site Council Meeting-SJC
Oct. 3, 1-2:30pm
The meeting will be held in room 1111
For more information contact Cynthia Ramirez at
Send Silence Packing
Oct. 6, 8am-5pm
An SGA and RivCo Dept of Mental Health event to bring awareness to the college student suicide rate
Business Summit
Oct. 6, 9am-3pm
For more information contact Karena Chum at 951-639-5567 or
Puente Mentor Orientation
Oct. 6, 5-6:30pm
FAVE Jamboree
Oct. 21
The Great California Shake Out 2011
For more information contact Bruce Brady at 951-487-3114 or go to:\
Your copy of MSJC’s Accreditation Cliff Notes is on its way
Cheer Squad Wins Trophy
The MSJC Cheer Squad won third place in dance/cheer in the annual Stagecoach Days parade held on Sept. 10, 2011 in Banning. Cheer coach Pascaline Barry and a dozen cheerleaders, including the MSJC mascot Ernie, received cheers & waves during the parade. Way to go!
HR Dept. now has office hours on the MVC
Tuesday afternoons from 1-4:30pm, Rm. 917, Ext. 5436
Board Highlights
Member Matters Newsletter-Emotional Health
FA11 Final Exam Schedule
For more information, faculty members are encouraged to contact their deans.
The MSJC Cheer Squad is selling calendars as a fundraiser!
Calendars run from July 2011-July 2012 for $10. Money earned will help offset the cost of uniforms, equipment, pom-poms and cheer camp.
RTA GoPass Program
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