Western Science Center Lecture Series

January 28, 2015

Step Right Up to the Spring Lecture Series presented by Western Science Center in collaboration with Mt. San Jacinto College
First Thursday of every month, February through May 2015
7:00 pm, Western Science Center Theatre
2345 Searl Parkway, Hemet, 92543
Free to members, $5 for students with I.D., $8 for non-members
For more information call 951-791-0033 or visit:   www.WesternScienceCenter.org
This series is looking at the appeal of circus characters like P.T. Barnum, the allure of elephants, the social force of youth circus, and the physicality of human performance.
February 5th
The Prince of Humbug: Exploring the Curiosities and Spectacle of P.T. Barnum's Imaginarium
Although most known for his involvement in the circus, P.T. Barnum became a celebrity in his own right through his involvement in the American Museum and promotional tours of human curiosities. Barnum mastered the art of publicity and spectacle through these ventures, capturing the public's imagination for the unusual, before setting his sights on transforming the circus into the "Greatest Show on Earth."
Speaker: Christina Yamanaka, MSJC History Professor
March 5th
Why We Love Dumbo: A Look at Animals in the Circus
For years the circus has fascinated and stimulated the imagination of children and adults alike. In its many permutations and transformations from the Big Top to Las Vegas, animals have played a significant role in thrilling audiences. Come and explore the life and times of circus animals from awe and wonder to cruel and inhumane.
Speaker: Dr. Roy Mason, MSJC Biology Professor
April 2nd
The Future of Circus is Now: Youth Circus in North America
Youth circuses build strength, skills, teamwork and confidence for children and teens who have the opportunity. Find out what youth circus can do in any community.
Speaker: Pam Ford, MSJC Anthropology Professor
May 7th
How Do They Do That?! The Role of the Skeleton and Muscles in Circus Performers
Audiences are spellbound by the seemingly supernatural abilities of contortionists and other circus performers. But how truly supernatural are they? Come and discover the biomechanics that allow entertainers to perform these spectacular actions.
Speaker: Erik Ozolins, MSJC Anthropology Professor
For more information contact Erik Ozolins at 951-639-5725 or eozolins@msjc.edu