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FAQ Print Management System

What is a Print Management System?

A print management system will take over all of the district networked printers.  Services of the print management system will include:  maintenance by trained technicians, repair/replace of broken equipment, 20% annual replenishment of district printer fleet, remote monitoring of district printer fleet, and toner cartridges.  (Yes!  Toner cartridges?)


What is district networked printer?

District networked printers are office and departmental printers.  The Print Management System will not cover student card swipe printers, large plotter or specialty printers.


What is the best option for printing?

Several economical options are available as an option for desktop printing.  The most economical printing on campus is with the SJC and MVC print shops.  The MVC Print Shop has both a high volume black/white and color copier available.  The SJC Print Shop has the most up-to-date production copier units available including black/white, color, large format plotter.  (They can also produce signage, room numbers, vinyl stickers, name badges, booklets!) 

The second most economical printing choice would be to make your division/department Xerox the default printer.  Xerox copier prints are less than a penny per page compared to $.20/page for color and $.08/page for black/white printer production. 


How does this affect me?

The Print Management will apply to all district networked printers including the printers in faculty offices.  (Should a faculty member have a personal printer on site -- that printer needs to be identified as a personal printer.)


Will I be losing my printer?

No, if you have a printer now -- it will either be retained or replaced with a new printer.  We are NOT collecting nor sweeping printing equipment. 


Are we going to a centralized printer system?

No.  Again, we are not gathering or clustering printing capabilities for any department.  If you have a printer now, you will have a printer after the implementation of the Print Management System.


I don't have a printer now.  How do I get a printer?

As with any request for equipment, this needs to be reviewed with you department/division administrator and a formal purchase request will need to be initiated and submitted through the purchasing process. 


Will I retain my color printer?

In an effort to reduce costs it is recommended that the ink jet printers (mostly in faculty offices) be replaced with a black/white laser jet printer.  Color printers may be utilized within the Instruction Office and both SJC & MVC campuses have color copiers in the Print Shop areas.

Should a faculty member have an absolute need for a color printer -- that need should be addressed with the faculty member's Instructional Dean.

Current color printers in departmental offices will either be retained or replaced with another color printer.  Black/White printers will be retained/replaced with black/white printers.  If you are seeing a sticker with a blue butterfly that printer is being definitely be retained -- but that process is not complete yet. 


Why are the DeskJet/InkJet printers being replaced?

Small InkJet printers are very expensive to operate and are virtually disposable.  The units are inexpensive to purchase, but the replacement cartridges cost more that the unit itself.  Over its lifetime, these small units will cause a fair amount of e-waste responsibility.  As identified in Strategic Plan Goal 5.2, the district is recommending a more economical and greener replacement for the InkJet printers.  Again, should there be a compelling reason for a faculty member to have a color printer -- this issue needs to be addressed with the faculty member's Instructional Dean.


Does it matter whether the equipment was purchased through departmental funds?

The original purchase of the equipment does not matter in this case, as all networked printers will be on the Printer Management System.  However, should a department we retaining a printer purchased by a grant  -- contact will need to made to the grant administration to inquire if the grant will allow for the monthly maintenance agreement.  If the grant will not allow for these monthly costs then the department will need to identify a general fund budget to cover the cost of the maintenance agreement. 


Who do I call for service to my printer?

The printers on the Printer Management Systems will be identified with a Blue Butterfly sticker.  That sticker will have the service number to call in case technical support is needed. 

What if I can't send print jobs to the printer?  Should I call for service?

There are two basic reasons printers don't print, network problems or printer malfunctions.  the Print Management System is designed to notify the vendor when the printer malfunctions and they usually have a sservice call activated before you may be aware of a potential problem.  If however, your inability to print is caused by a network problem you must notify Information Technology (Helpdesk, 3411) to resolve the problem.  The best way to determine who you should call is by going to the printer and looking at the menu window.  If it is not reporting a printer malfunction, you should call IT for support.

Paper jams and toner cartridge replacements are the responsibility of the end-user. 


How do I get replacement toner cartridges?

The Print Management System is being remotely monitored by the provider and their system will be monitoring the levels of the toner cartridges in the networked printers.  Once a printer cartridge gets down to a specific level, their system should trigger the delivery of a new cartridge.  That cartridge will be delivered directly to your attention.  Extra cartridges will also be housed in the SJC and MVC Receiving areas and the delivery staff will bring one to you should the need arise.  Also, phone call to the number listed on the Blue Butterfly sticker can also be used for toner cartridge replenishment. 

How will I receive my replacement toner cartridge?

The toner cartridges will be identified by your name, department, room number, or printer serial number.  The SJC or MVC Receiving staff will deliver your cartridge directly to your desktop.  If you believe you should have received a toner cartridge, but it has not been received please call MVC Receiving at 5112 or SJC Receiving at 3112. 


Would I still be able to call in for service and supplies?

The system works by reporting the status and condition of each printer hourly (remotely).  If there is a low supply condition, the software automatically sends an alert to the vendor supply desk and order is placed for overnight shipping directly to your site.  If however your printer should require service before the software notified the vendor of the problem, or you should be in a depleted supply condition, you may contract the vendor at the number listed on the blue butterfly sticker on your printer.  You may also contact the SJC or MVC Receiving areas to request a cartridge which will be replaced in stock when your cartridge is delivered.   

Can I order extra supplies for back-up?

This is neither necessary nor recommended.  Toner cartridges do have a shelf life.  The remote software system will trigger the need for a new toner cartridge before your cartridge is depleted.

Are printing allotments going to be established?

The concept establishing printing allotments has not been reviewed nor recommended.  Should a division want to implement printing allotments, we will work with that division to attempt an allotment standard. 


Are my printing habits going to be monitored?

Yes and no.  The volume of your desktop printing habits will be captured on our remote monitoring software.  These volumes will be reported back to your division/department adminsitrator for their assessment.  The type of items that you are printing cannot be monitored.  Although, we remind all district employees that district equipment should only used utilized for district use.