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Message from Image Source Xerox

Mt. San Jacinto College, Welcome to PrintCare
In an effort to help control and better manage costs, Image Source has been contracted to provide service and supply replenishment for all the district’s copiers and printers. Effective immediately, we will be performing all service calls and supply replenishment for your HP, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Xerox and other assorted print devices.
In the next few days you will see an Image Source representative placing labels on all qualifying network printer devices that have been contracted under our PrintCare offering. We have attached a sample of the label for our convenience. If your device(s) has been selected to be covered under this plan, and has an Image Source label, the device is under a blanket protection plan that covers the following:
                                                PrintCare Protection Plan     
          Covers all Toner, Drum, and Maintenance Kits
          Covers all service calls and parts.
          Remote Monitoring for prompt service and supply ordering.
          Volume Reports and Device Usage Reports to District Admin.
Because the network printers/copiers will be reporting their status directly to our Service Center throughout the day, there will be little need to report the status or requirements of your devices.  We have also provided you with our toll free number to assist you should you have questions or have immediate service requirements.
If your device is not networked and is connected directly to your PC/Mac workstation, you will simply need to call (800) 336-1642 to order supplies or place a service call.
As we all do what we can to cut costs during the current economic downturn, your help in reducing waste will help us to achieve even greater savings to the district.
Thank you for your support in this important cost reduction initiative, we will work hard to offer you the goods and services you require as educators. Please call us if we can be of help to you.
Bill Thorp
Major Accounts Manager
image Source
(951) 296-2150, x-302
27349 Jefferson Ave., #110   Temecula CA 92590 (951) 296-2150
Answers to Common Questions
What services will be provided by Image Source? “Image Source is now the district’s contracted provider for servicing and supplying all qualifying print devices. This includes Reprographics Equipment, Copiers, Fax, Multi-Function devices (MFD’s) and desktop printers. PrintCare Service Stickers will be placed on all qualifying devices. The service sticker will contain a toll free number, as well as a web-site that can be accessed should your device require service or should require supplies.   The program is designed to remotely monitor network devices and proactively react to the findings, or needs of the client, thru automatic replenishment of parts & supplies and automatically dispatch  service technicians in case a break/ fix situation should occur.”
Who will generate the user code for each staff when they wish to use a copier? Image Source will make available extensive training on copier programmability for key operators at each site. Creation and implementation of user codes will be thru the District’s I.T. Department as a function of print allocation and print volume management.
Would I still be able to call in for service and supplies even if my printer or copier is networked?  “PrintCare works by reporting the status and condition of each printer/ copier 4-6 times daily. If there is a low supply condition, the software automatically sends an alert to our supply desk and an order is placed for overnight shipping directly to your site. If however your printer should require service before the software notifies us of a problem, or you should be in a near depleted supply condition, you may contact us at our toll free number located on the service sticker on the printer/ copier and we will respond to your needs immediately.”
Can I order extra supplies for back up?  “With the PrintCare software, this is not recommended nor is it necessary. Algorithmic formulas are incorporated into PrintCare that takes into account your page counts, and cartridge yields. This information is then used to create an ideal replacement schedule that will allow us to ship your supplies on a” just in time” basis. You should be receiving supplies directly to your facility just a couple of days prior to the device reporting it is time to replace the cartridge.However, each site will be given back up supplies for emergency use and can be accessed thru the Site Administrative Assistant in cases of emergency.” 
What if I can’t send print jobs to the printer? Should I call for service?  “There are two basic reasons print devices don’t print, network issues or device malfunctions. PrintCare is designed to notify us when the printer/ copier malfunctions and we usually have a service call activated before many customers are aware of a problem. If however, your inability to print is caused by a network problem you must notify your internal district support personnel to resolve the problem. The best way to determine who your next call should going to, is to look at the menu window on the print device. If it is not reporting a device malfunction, you should call your network support personnel for instructions.” 
What if the printer/copier should have a jam or require a toner cartridge replacement?  “Removing jams or replacing a user replaceable cartridge is the responsibility of end users or assigned site staff. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when accessing the inter-workings of the device to prevent damage. If however the malfunction proves to be a greater challenge than expected, place a service call and we will be glad to dispatch you technician to assist you.”
Our site has many of the same model printer/ copier, when my device needs supplies how do I know the supply item shipped will be received and designated for my printer/copier needs and how are meters collected?    “When an alert is received, we place the order using your department location, room number, asset number, or any other designation that is specific to your device. When the supply item is shipped to your location, the packing label has specific information that identifies the supply item is designated to the specific device. It will then be up to your internal distribution system to deliver the item to your room or department as designated. Device Meter reads are either collected via the web, or in cases of USB connected devices, reconciled quarterly. In both cases the meter is collected using the device’s internal meter which cannot be altered or manipulated by the changing of computers or connection method (network connect to USB).”
What if we don’t get the supply item after the order is placed?  “Our systematic approach to shipping will allow us to quickly see where the order is in the order cycle. If the tracking system shows the item has been delivered, we can provide you with the confirming signature as well as the delivery date to aid you in tracking down your order internally. If the order is in process, we will be able to tell you where in the process it is as well as provide you with the ETA of your order. We will also make arrangements for another order to be shipped next day if there has been an error or the supply item cannot be found.
What if we replace or add more devices during the term of the agreement? Will that device be covered?  “PrintCare is designed to pick up the new devices as soon as it is added to the network. No additional work is needed to ensure immediate coverage and protection. If the new device is USB connected, we will require notification of the new placement so as not to cause disruption of service. In order to minimize service delays however, we would ask that we be notified when all Print Fleet changes are made. Simply call us on our toll free number (800) 336-1642 and let us know the following information when removing or installing printers:
    1. Make_________________________
    2. Model________________________
    3. Serial Number _________________
    4. Location of printer being installed or removed.
Site _______________________________
Room/ Department __________________________
Please be specific to ensure supplies and service calls are properly directed to the printer.
Look for the blue butterfly label to see if your device has been selected to be part of this program. If your device does not have this service sticker and feel it has been excluded in error, please provide us with the device location, model, and serial number. We will gladly research the device to see if it should be added to the agreement.