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Print Management System

In an effort to more efficiently contain printing costs, standardize printing equipment, reduce waste and in accordance with goal 5.2 of the District Strategic Plan and the Maintaining Fiscal Stability List; the district is implementing a Print Management System.  The Procurement and Information Technology department have been working many months to evaluate and access the benefit to changing to a printer managed fleet rather than a district owned fleet of networked printers.  After reviewing, presenting, and approvals through the Shared Governance process the contract for the Print Management System was approved by the Board of Trustees at the May 2011 meeting.  In the column on the left (under Print Management System) are several pages that show the process and research that went to making this district-wide decision.

What exactly is a Print Management System?

The vendor's explanation of the system is "an all encompassing program that leverages technology to offer customers a more cost effect way to manage expenses as it relates to Print Fleet management.  The program is designed to remotely monitor network devices and proactively react to the findings, or needs, of the client thru automatic replenishment of supplies or required replacement components and automatically idspatch service technicians in case a bradk/fix situation should occur." 

Basically, all responsibility for the maintenance of our networked printer fleet will become the responsibility of the vendor.  Our program will include:

Coverage of all toner, drum, and maintenance kits for district networked printers.

Coverage of all service calls and parts.

Remote monitoring for prompt service and supply ordering.

Volume Reports and Device Usage Reports for administration assessment.

How does this affect me? 

The Print Management System will apply to all district networked printers.  Networked printers are office and departmental printers that are usually maintained and standardized by Information Technology.  (This system does not include specialty printers and/or student card swipe printers.)   Approximately 230 printers will are identified to be replaced at the implementation of this service -- printers that are being retained at the implementation will be placed on a 5-year replacement plan.  District printers will no longer be maintained by the Information Technology department; all printer services will be with the outside agency providing the Print Management Ssytem.  The district will discontinue the purchase of network printer equipment and replacement toner/ink cartridges.

Presently, representatives from ImageSource USA (our Print Management Provider) and the IT department have already begun to identify printers in district offices that will be retained for at least the next year.  You may have already noticed a new sticker on your printer with a blue butterly.  Those printers without the butterfly sticker are either being traded out or have not yet been identified as a retained unit.  During this stage of the implementation and the trade-out stage, ImageSource and IT will make every effort not to interrupt services to your offices. 

 How if this going to affect faculty?

Some of our older district printers will be replaced at the implementation, but most of the replacement printers are located in faculty offices.  Faculty office printers were formerly standardized to an inexpesive ink jet color printer - these have a very high per page cost.  Per the report from Xerox Corporation an inkjet printer costs "an average of 12.6 cents per page for monochrome prints and just under 23 cents for full color prints." 

It is recommended that the DeskJet/InkJet printers be replaced with a more economical and quicker black/white LaserJet printer.  Please remember that while color printers are being removed from faculty offices, there is a color copier available at both the Print Shops (MVC and SJC) that can be utilized for color copies.  Contact the print shops for more information.

Should a faculty member have a compelling need to have a color printer in his office, that faculty member must address this concern with his/her Instructional Dean.  An exception may be approved. 


How much is this going to cost?

Please click on the Cost Sheet page under Print Management System on the left hand side of this screen.



Implementation Schedule - Week of September 26


Printers in Process


San Jacinto Campus Printer Master List


Menifee Valley Campus Printer Master List 


Temecula Education Center Printer Master List


San Gorgonio Pass Campus Printer Master List