MSJC Hosts UCR Sponsored STEM Event

DSC_0268.jpgOn Friday September 18, approximately 40 MSJC STEM students had the opportunity to meet and discuss Science and Engineering with UCR Bourne College of Engineering and College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences students and staff.  This event, hosted by the MSJC STEM Club and the MSJC STEM Team, provided MSJC students interested in STEM disciplines a first hand look at what it means to pursue a four year degree in Science and Engineering.
The event featured formal presentations from the UCR Bourne College of Engineering and the UCR College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences as well as small group discussions facilitated by UCR Computer Science and Engineering students.  The UCR Student mentors were Eugene O’Neill, Computer Science, and Adriana Figueroa, Rianne Garrido, and Dalia Eldessouky all Senior Mechanical Engineering students.  Dwight Duffie, a STEM Faculty Coordinator who attended the event stated “it was gratifying to see MSJC STEM students have an opportunity to connect with four year Science and Engineering students in such a personal and direct way.  I especially liked the small group and social aspect of the event.  Events such as this not only help students understand the academic rigors of STEM, but also the rewards from a student point of view.  I don’t think you can overstate the value of this kind of interaction for our STEM students.”
DSC_0241.jpgAlex Cuatok, MSJC Student Services STEM Coordinator and UCR liaison says the inspiration for the event came from STEM Club students who expressed a desire to establish closer ties with nearby STEM transfer institutions.  While the event was held at MSJC’s Menifee Valley Campus, interested STEM students from the San Jacinto Campus were provided transportation to and from the event.  In addition to the MSJC STEM Club which hosted the event, other MSJC clubs and organizations actively promoted and participated in the Club Day event.  Alex Cuatok stated that a major goal for this event was to be inclusive of all MSJC clubs and organizations that have an interest in STEM.  Participants included student representatives from the MSJC Science Club, the Ecology Club, Phi Theta Kappa, PUENTE, Honors Enrichment Program, and the Transfer Club.  The Club Day event concluded with pizza for everyone provided by UCR.  Leticia Luna and Ladylyn Dominguez, MSJC STEM Counselors, noted in commenting on the event that several MSJC STEM students indicated that this event has had a positive influence on their commitment to pursuing a STEM related degree and transfer path.