MSJC students participate in the 3rd Annual Wind Turbine Competition

DSC01883_2.jpgOn Saturday, December 10th, UCR hosted the 3rd annual wind turbine competition.  33 students participated in the competition resulting in eight teams (2 Menifee Valley Campus, 1 San Jacinto Campus, 2 Moreno Valley and 3 RCC).  The 8 teams started their initial development of their wind turbines in mid fall culminating to the competition day.  Bourns College of Engineering advisor and mentors met with the MSJC teams consistently on Tuesdays to ensure that the teams were on track as well as answering questions related to the wind turbine development and mathematical calculations.  Of the eight teams, friends, family members and the wind turbine advisors were invited to witness the competition.  Each team was required to give a PowerPoint presentation explaining their designs, provided detailed calculations of its wind turbine, and demonstrated on-site to test its output.


The San Jacinto team called themselves the "Knuckle Heads," and included Alberto Carranza, Rene Henderson, Huy Pham, and Xavier Sanchez.  Alex Cuatok, the Student Success Coordinator and Math faculty member, was their team supervisor.  Menifee Team 1 was called the "Gear Heads," and included Jerry Alvarez, Curtis Smith, Elisa Zinetti, and Richard Santana; their team supervisor was Jason Hlebakos, Environmental Science Instructor at the Menifee campus.  Last, but not least, Alexis Cordero, Robert Haywood, and Miguel Lopez made up Menifee Team 2 and they called themselves "Breaking Wind."  Biology Faculty Member, Nick Reeves was "Breaking Wind's" team supervisor.

Menifee team 2 developed a vertical wind turbine, which was first for the competition.  Menifee team 1 won for most innovative because of its Plexiglass enclosing the wind turbine generator.  Each team member received a $100 gift certificate to the UCR Bookstore.  The San Jacinto team also has an innovative design using wide/heavy blades with a metal bicycle wheel attached to the blades.  This was also first for the competition.  Overall, RCC won with the highest power output of 18 watts compared to 12 watts last year. 

Picture 1: Team Knuckle Head - Alex Cuatok, Huy Pham, Alberto Carranza, Xavier Sanchez and Rene Henderson; Picture 2: Team Breaking Wind - Nick Reeves, Alexis Cordero, Miguel Lopez, Robert Haywood, and Alex Cuatok; Picture 3:  Team Gear Heads:  Bernie Somers (former STEM Counselor), Nick Reeves, Jason Hlebakos, Jerry Alvarez, Curtis Smith, Elia Zinetti, Richard Santana, and Alex Cuatok; Picture 4:  Team Gear Heads wind turbine.  To see more pictures from this competition, click on the Gallery link on the left hand side of the page.