Spring 2012 Northern California University Tour

Northern California University Tour
In April 2012, the STEM Program sponsored a Northern California universities tour for 29 Puente and STEM students.  The four-day trip included tours of CSU Channel Islands, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced and the last stop was UC Berkeley’s Cal Day.  The tours allowed students to learn more about transferring to 4-year universities, university life and campus organizations.  Additionally, students gained more information about their majors and financial aid opportunities.  The trip was a great success.  Student responses include:
“This experience was great. Before, I did not believe I could transfer to Berkeley no matter how hard I tried, but after going to a transfer workshop and listening to the students who have transferred I now know I can be in their position.”
“UC Santa Cruz was absolutely gorgeous and so inviting. I loved the atmosphere and vibe I felt throughout the stay. I also had a blast at Cal Day! I talked to one of the transfer student in my major and she answered so many of my questions regarding her experience with the program. It was encouraging.”
“I learned many things about my education. To start off I learned that everyone can be successful, if they work hard and never give up. There will be challenges out there to stop us, but don't let them be in the way. I also learned that I need to put in my all, so I am able to transfer.”
“[This trip] Means a lot to me. It rejuvenated my desire to pursue a higher education and accomplish the most I can to be able to attend one of these universities. UC Berkeley just compelled me to try my hardest so that one day I could possibly go there as a student. Cal Day at UC Berkeley was the best.”
“I thought this trip was an awesome experience and I had such a great time. Thank you so much!”