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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been told that I need to attend a Safety Training class.  What is this and why do I need to attend?

It’s the law! Cal/OSHA, the entity that is responsible for maintaining safety in the workplace, mandates (SB 198) that every employee receive safety awareness training.  Training is provided for all new hires and yearly thereafter.  If the District does not comply with this law, the District may be fined and forced to comply.

What should I do if I get hurt while on the job?

Immediately notify your supervisor, so the incident can be reported to Risk Management in the required timelines. Do this whether you require medical attention or not. You will be required to complete the Workers' Compensation claim forms which MUST be kept on file in Risk Management.  If you have any general questions regarding Workers' Compensation you can contact Nicole Pina, Risk Management Coordinator, at ext. 3135 or 5131.

NOTE: The District's 3rd Party Administrator of Workers Compensation is Keenan & Associates. They can be reached at (800) 654-8347 ext. 1109. If you have any questions regarding a claim that has been filed, please contact them directly. 

Work Comp handout w approved clinic map 6.2017.pdfWork Comp handout w approved clinic map 6.2017.pdf

If I have questions or issues about safety, who do I contact?

Questions regarding safety training or or safety issues may be directed to Nicole Pina, Risk Management Coordinator, via email at or Steven Del Castillo, Director of Campus Safety (Interim), at ext. 5185

What is the Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

This program provides you with the District's guidelines on safety issues and identifies the person responsible for the program. IIPP is the document used to identify and evaluate workplace hazards.  The program illustrates the methods and procedures for rectifying work hazards in a timely manner.  You will also find an occupational health and safety training program designed to instruct employees in general safety and healthy work practices and to provide instruction about hazards specific to each employee's job assignment.  The program also delineates methods of communication with employees about health and safety matters.  In addition, disciplinary procedures are explained to assure that employees will comply with safe and healthy work practices.