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MSJC > Safety > Scope of Stress in the American Workplace

Scope of Stress in the American Workplace

Job Stress Tips: Quick ways to Relieve Job Stress

  1. GET A LIFE/KEEP A LIFE – Make sure you get and keep mental and physical activities in your life that you enjoy. Make these pastimes separate and apart from work.  It reminds us to keep work in its important but proper place.
  2. RAISE IMPERFECTION TO AN ART FORM (SILLY MISTAKES) – Make an intentional, silly, harmless mistake everyday. Make imperfection an art form in your daily mistakes. Challenge your creativity and set your imagination free, and most of all, enjoy it.
  3. ANYBODY OUT THERE? – Don’t work in a vacuum. Get together formally in groups or informally with co-workers and colleagues. Share the load, and you’ll find you lighten the burden.
  4. CHAIRperson – On the go, moving and working faster than a speeding bullet? Don’t worry, your job stress will wait for you.The goal is to concentrate your job stress of an entire day into an intense period of time. You begin learning to confine job stress into periods of time in which you can give it your full attention.
  5. REAL OR MEMOREX? - Know your own individualized reactions to job stress. Ask the people who know you the best to describe in detail what you do when under job stress.
  6. TAKING HOME TO WORK – Is your job stress really being caused by the job or are you merely taking stresses from home to work? Know the difference so you can know where to spend your problem solving energy.
  7. JOB STRESS IS REAL AND CAN BE DANGEROUS. The best medicine is to take care of your self. Don’t let problems control you.