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Prerequisite Information & Prerequisite Challenge

Prerequisites Are for Student Success!


Mt. San Jacinto College would like students to be successful in their courses. One way to promote student success is by identifying the skills and knowledge a student must possess before enrolling in certain courses. These courses (primarily mathematics, English and performance courses) have included prerequisites, corequisites or other limitations on enrollment to ensure a student's readiness for these courses of study.


A prerequisite or corequisite is typically a course(s) students have completed prior to enrolling into a higher-level course; course placement scores (see "Assessment and Placement") may also be used to meet a prerequisite or corequisite requirement.

Prerequisites, corequisites and other limitations on enrollment are conditions of enrollment that must be met before a student can enroll in these courses.


If you believe you have taken the prerequisite at another institution:

·    Contact the Counseling Office for a Prerequisite Evaluation – Bring a copy of your transcript or grade report.  Fill out a Prerequisite Evaluation Form and meet with a counselor.  Download Prerequisite Evaluation Form

·    Request an official copy of the transcript be sent to Mt. San Jacinto College.

o    Contact Enrollment Services to complete a "Request for Transcript Evaluation"


For students using coursework from another institution to meet prerequisites, One of these forms should be completed prior to enrolling in courses with prerequisites and corequisites.


If you are registering for the next semester while you are also enrolled in a course(s) to meet the prerequisite requirement and subsequently earn a grade of D, F, or NC, you will be notified to drop the course. A refund will be issued once the course is dropped.


Courses requiring a corequisite are conditions of enrollment consisting of a course that must be taken during the same time as enrollment in another course.


All course prerequisites and corequisites will be enforced. Student registration will be blocked from courses where a prerequisite or corequisite has not been met.

Challenge Procedure

If you feel you have sufficient preparation to succeed in a course but have not completed the required prerequisite or corequisite, you may file a Challenge Form (available in the Enrollment Services Office) within the specified deadlines. (Deadlines may vary from department to department.)


Students submitting a Challenge Form must be able to prove they currently have the required skills and knowledge to be enrolled in a higher-level course without completing the prerequisite, corequisite or placement scores. A student who challenges a prerequisite or corequisite may also be required to attach documentation to the Challenge Form.


A prerequisite/corequisite challenge is reviewed by the appropriate faculty members and may take up to 5 working days (holidays and weekends excluded) to process, so please plan ahead.


Download Prerequisite Evaluation Form