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MSJC > Student Services > Counseling > Meet The Counseling Department

Meet The Counseling Department

Meet the Directors




Martha Crawford
Director of Student Success & Support
San Jacinto Campus & San Gorgonio Pass Service Center         

Mary Lou Dillard
Interim Director of Student Success & Support
Menifee Valley Campus & Temecula Education Complex


Meet the San Jacinto Campus Counselors


Dr. Tatiana Somers


Lyndsey Tone
SJC Counselor

Dr. Jenn Burleson
SJC/Athletic Counselor




Hyman Alvia
SJC Counselor


Rosalva Amezcua
SJC/PUENTE Counselor/Honors





Meet the Menifee Valley Counselors


Leticia Luna-Sims
STEM Student Success Activity Coordinator




Heather Pomerenke
MVC  Counselor/Honors 


Shartelle Fears
MVC Counselor



Miranda Angeles
MVC Counselor/Honors

April Vrtis
MVC Counselor/Honors
Online Advisor


Matt Leyden
Career Technical Education (CTE) Counselor Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) Coordinator




Meet the San Gorgonio Pass Service Center Counselors

Dr. Bertha Barraza
SGP Counselor
Julie Smathers
SGP Counselor

Meet the Temecula Education Complex Counselors

Elias Escamilla Jr.
TEC Counselor

Meet the Associate Counselors

Ian Shawn Smith
MVC Associate Counselor
Veronica Aparicio
Associate Counselor/EOPS

MVC Associate Counselor

SJC Associate Counselor

Renisha Warren
SJC Interim Counselor

MVC Associate Counselor
SJC Associate Counselor/CTE


SJC Associate Counselor


Escarlet Wirth
SJC Associate Counselor/Outreach
Meet the College Transition Counselors
Elizabeth Eriksen.jpg Richard Garcia.jpg

SSSP Counselor                       V
ista Murrieta/Mesa High School

Elizabeth Eriksen
SSSP Counselor        Temecula Valley/Great Oak High School
SSSP Counselor
Temecula Valley/
Great Oak High School
Richard Garcia
SSSP Counselor         Tauquitz/West Valley High School

Daniela McIntosh.jpg Paige Pieroni.jpg
Veronica Jauregui                        SSSP Counselor                             Lake Side High School 
Liza Alvia
SSSP Counselor
Perris High School


Betsaida Ramos.jpg 
Betsy Ramos                           SSSP Counselor                       Beaumont/Banning High School

SSSP Counselor High School  
SSSP Counselor High School
Meet the Counseling Administrative Associate Staff

Cynthia Prentice
Administrative Associate III

Carla Jackson 
SJC Administrative Associate II

Brenda Huggins
SJC Administrative Associate II

Alma Alvare
MVC Administrative
Associate II



Dean Tom Spillman
Tom Spillman
Dean of Student Services