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MSJC > Student Services > Counseling > Probation and Dismissal

Probation and Dismissal

What is Academic Probation?
Students are placed on Academic Probation when their current or cumulative grade point average, following completion of 12 or more units, falls below 2.0.
What is Progress Probation?
Students will be placed on Progress Probation if, following completion of 12 or more units, he/she receives non-evaluative symbols of "W" (Withdrawal,) "I" (Incomplete) "NC" (No Credits) and/or “NP” (No Pass) in 50% or more of the units in which they have enrolled.
 Students on Academic or Progress Probation may be dismissed for one semester when one or more of the following conditions exists:
  1. The student has earned a cumulative grade point average of less than 1.75 in all units in three consecutive semesters.
  2. The student has received non-evaluative symbols of "W," "I" "NC" and/or “NP” in 50% or more of the units for which he/she was enrolled for three consecutive semesters
Dismissal Period
Students may be required to remain out of college one semester, excluding the summer term, but may return on probationary status after one semester’s absence.
Appeal Options
A dismissed student may submit an appeal to Enrollment Services for permission to enroll without loss of one semester if the student feels that the cause for the dismissal reflects extenuating circumstances. The burden of written documentation in support of these circumstances remains with the student.
A student may submit a petition to Enrollment Services for readmission following dismissal if their dismissal arises from one of the following:
1.      Military service obligation
2.      Unusual personal problems which interfered with academic performance
3.      Serious health problems, substantiated by a doctor’s statement, which affected academic performance
4.      Conditions that their counselor determines may be rectified by a change of curriculum
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