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Roadtrip Nation

What is Roadtrip Nation?

The Movement
Roadtrip Nation empowers you to define your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else's.
We encourage you to engage in self-construction, rather than mass production. We encourage you to be proactive and actively participate in defining your future by hitting the road and learning from Leaders who have resisted The Noise of conformity and stayed true to themselves.
Our philosophy is that when we listen to ourselves and are honest about whom we are, and what we love, we are able to seek our own path and contribute to the world with our unique talents.
We believe that by helping others discover their own paths, there will be a significant positive change in the world—the world needs people in tune with who they are and what they care about.
Living a life fueled by authenticity and passion allows people the ability to offer their creativity, ingenuity, and enthusiasm toward their goals. We hope that this, in turn, will build a better local, national, and global community.
The Roadtrip Nation Movement exists to support, empower, and encourage individuals who want to define their own roads in life.

Bringing the Open Road to Education

In 2009 Roadtrip Nation saw a strong, relevant connection with its public television series to students in the classroom. Reoccurring Themes found in the series—such as Success, Risk, Fear, and Hard Work—helped students find relevancy in what they learn in school to their aspirations in life. In order to bring these resources, insights, and inspiration from the Road to students across the country, Roadtrip Nation started a nonprofit education organization, Roadtrip Nation Education.
Through Roadtrip Nation Education’s educational curricula, students are connected to the vast Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive, which Roadtrippers have continually built since 2001. The Archive includes interviews from all types of Leaders from all over the world who live lives doing what they love.
To date, more than 35,000 students from across country engage with Roadtrip Nation to help identify their interests, make connections to mentors in their own communities, break out of their comfort zones, develop 21st century skill sets, and build roadmaps for lives that they are truly passionate about.
To learn more, go to
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Four MSJC Counselors (Jenn Burleson, Shartelle Fears, Heather Tibbetts, and Kristen Burleson) on the MSJC Counselor Indie Roadtrip after they were awarded a grant from Roadtrip Nation.
For more information on creating your own Student Indie Roadtrip, please contact the Counseling Department for more information.