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High School Students

High School Student Information

The college maintains its commitment to provide opportunities for qualified and eligible high school students to attend MSJC as special admit students as defined by the Education Code.  The Education Code and legislation emphasizes that students attending as special admits (also referred to as concurrent enrollment) should be those that “would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work…”  Further, the intent of the law is to “…provide educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils…” 

Guidelines for special admit high school students:

The college has established guidelines for special admit high school student’s which includes the following criteria. This is general criteria and not an absolute guarantee for admission. Each student and case is evaluated individually using multiple measures.


  • Currently in grade 11 or 12*.
  • Students must follow the matriculation guidelines/processes; completion of MSJC online application for admission, completion of online orientation and assessment at MSJC, with appropriate scores that indicate an ability to benefit from college level work.
  • A cumulative 3.0 high school GPA is generally required for academic courses such as math, English, history, etc. The college will need to review official transcripts to verify GPA.
  • A cumulative 2.0 high school GPA is generally required for vocational courses such as automotive, computer science, multi-media, etc. The college will need to review official transcripts to verify GPA.
  • Completion of MSJC School/Parent Agreement form.
  • Recommendation by the high school principal via signature (this may not be delegated to a designee).
  • Endorsement of Parent/Guardian via signature. 

*Note: Students in the second semester of grade 9 or who are in grade 10 showing exceptional ability will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The same guidelines required of 11th and 12th grade students also apply to the 9th and 10th grade students.  In addition, a letter of recommendation (using school letterhead) from a teacher in the same discipline for requested enrollment must be included.

Below is the High School Concurrent Enrollment Packet with Frequently Asked Questions, Checklist, and School/Parent Agreement Form for High School student. 
High School Concurrent Enrollment ONLINE Packet 2018 PDF.pdfHigh School Concurrent Enrollment Packet

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