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MSJC > Student Services > Enrollment Services > What Fees do I have to pay?

What Fees do I have to pay?

Tuition (CA residents): $46 per unit

Additional Fees
Parking Permit
CA College Promise Grant Parking Permit

or daily parking meters available at San Jacinto, Menifee Valley & San Gorgonio Pass Campus only.
Student activity/SGA discount sticker (Optional)
*Effective Fall 2009 SGA sticker does not include parking permit discount.*
Student representation fee (Optional)
Supports student representation to legislation
Help-A-Student-Fund (Optional)
Supports student textbook purchase
RTA "Go Pass" - Transportation Fee 
(includes RTA and Transportation Service Fee)
Less than 6 units $5.50 + .50, 6 units or more $5.00 + $1.00

Student Representation Fee: The student representation fee is used to support students who lobby for legislative issues that benefit community colleges and community college students.  These funds are utilized by student representatives for travel to Sacramento to lobby legislators and for participation in CalSACC (California Student Association of Community Colleges) related activities.

Help-A-Student Fund: This fund is utilized for a student textbook loan program.  For additional information on how to apply for this assistance, visit the Financial Aid office at any campus location.

Non-resident tuition         

Charges Spring 2018 Summer 2018​ ​Fall 2018​
Non-Resident Fee per Unit
​$234.00 ​$234.00 ​$258.00
Capital Outlay Fee per Unit
​$18.00 ​$18.00 ​$30.00
California Enrollment Fee per Unit
​$46.00 ​$46.00 ​$46.00
​Total per unit
​$298.00 ​$298.00 ​$334.00


A non-resident tuition fee will be charged students 18 or over at the time of registration who have not established residency in the state of California for a period of one year prior to the date of enrollment. Students under 18 will be charged non-resident tuition if the students' parents or legal guardians are residents of another state.


Payment for registration and supplemental fees must be made within FOUR DAYS (including holidays and weekends) from the date of registration or you may be dropped from your courses.  However, the responsibility of dropping courses falls on the student.  A week before classes start, payment is due the same day of registration.

In Pe​​rson Payments

You may pay your enrollment and other registration fees in person at the Cashier's Office at either the San Jacinto campus, the Menifee Valley campus, Temecula Education Complex or San Gorgonio Pass Campus during office hours.

Payment by mail

If you pay your fees by mail, all checks must be made payable to MSJC. Be sure to write your ID# or social security number on your check. MSJC honors Master Card, Visa and Discover credit cards. Make sure you sign the authorization for payment by credit card. In the event your check or credit card is denied by your bank, you will be notified of the insufficient funds. A returned check fee of $25.00 will be assessed. If a personal check is returned from the bank, the college reserves the right to place a student on a cash basis only. A stop payment placed on a check does not constitute an official withdrawal from the college and the student will be responsible for any fees that are a result of the stop payment. You are responsible for fees for all classes in which you have registered.  Please be aware of payments are due within four calendar days of registering for the classes; that includes weekends and holidays.  A week before classes start payment is due the same day; otherwise you will be deleted from the class. 

Payment by Web (Internet Explorer and Fire Fox are supported)  

If you register by the Web, you may use your Master Card, Visa or Discover credit card at Learn how to make a payment.

Enrollment Fee Waivers

Enrollment fees shall be waived for the following, but are not limited to:

  • Students who come from disadvantaged or low-income families.
  • Dependents of certain deceased or disabled veterans and California National Guard members upon certification of fee waiver eligibility by the California Department of Veterans Affairs or the National Guard Adjutant General.
  • The surviving spouse or the child, natural or adopted, of a deceased person who met all the requirements of Education Code section 68120 regarding active law enforcement service or active fire suppression and prevention.
  • A dependent of any individual killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon building in Washington, DC, or the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 in southwestern Pennsylvania, if he or she meets the financial need requirements for the Cal Grant A Program pursuant to Education Code section 69432.7 and either the dependent was a resident of California on September 11, 2001, or the individual killed in the attacks was a resident of California on September 11, 2001. The waiver continues until January 1, 2013, for a surviving spouse, and for a surviving child, the exemption continues until the dependent child reaches the age of 30.​

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption For Eligible California High School Graduates (AB 540, AB 2000)

Any student, other than a nonimmigrant alien, who meets all of the following requirements, shall be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at the California Community Colleges, the California State University and the University of California (all public colleges and universities in California).  Students must provide official high school transcripts in order to confirm eligibility and submit the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request to Enrollment Services.


The student must have:

  • Total attendance in California equivalent to three or more years of full-time attendance at a California high school, adult school, community college, or a combination of theseOR
  • Three more years of full-time high school coursework AND a total of three or more years of attendance in California elementary schools, secondary schools, or a combination of these.

  • The student must have graduated from a California high school or the equivalent (passing the California GED or California High School Proficiency exam)​ prior to the start of the term, OR
  • The student has attained as Associates degree from a California Community College, OR
  • The student has fulfilled the minimum transfer requirements established for University of California or California State University.

An alien student who is without lawful immigration status must file an affidavit with the college or university stating that he or she has filed an application to legalize his or her immigration status, or will file an application as soon as he or she is eligible to do so.

  • Students who are nonimmigrants [for example, those who hold F (student) visas, B (visitor) visas, etc.] are not eligible for this exemption.
  •  Any nonimmigrant alien granted “T” or “U” visa status under title 8 U.S. Code Section 1101(A)(15)(T)(i) or (ii), or section 1101(A)(15)(U)(i) or (ii) who meets AB540 requirements also qualifies.
  • The student must file an exemption request including a signed affidavit with the college that indicates the student has met all applicable conditions described above. Student information obtained in this process is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required under law.
  • Students eligible for this exemption who are transferring to another California public college or university must submit a new request (and documentation if required) to each college under consideration.
  • Nonresident students meeting the criteria will be exempted from the payment of nonresident tuition, but they will not be classified as California residents. They continue to be "nonresidents".

California Dream Application: The passage of AB131 authorized state funded financial aid to AB540 eligible students.  If you are an undocumented AB540 student, complete the CA Dream Application at

Nonresident Fee Waiver for Qualifying Veterans (VACA)

For qualifying veterans and dependents, (“covered individuals”) as defined in the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act beginning July 1, 2015 as described below:

  • A veteran eligible for education assistance under either the Montgomery GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill who resides in California and enrolls in a community college within three years of discharge from a period of active duty service of 90 days or more.
  • An individual eligible for transferred education benefits under either the Montgomery GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill who resides in California and enrolls in a community college within 3 years of the transferor's discharge from a period of active duty service of 90 days or more.
  • An individual eligible for transferred Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits while the transferor is on active duty.  The transferee must reside in California.
  • An individual eligible for benefits under the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship, who resides in California.
  • After expiration of the three year period following discharge or death as described in 38 U.S.C. 3679(c), a student who initially qualifies will maintain a “covered  individual” status as long as the student remains continuously enrolled (other than during regularly scheduled breaks between courses, semesters or terms).         ​

Students who may qualify should visit the Veteran’s Resource Center and provide certificate of eligibility and DD-214 or active duty orders (if applicable) to verify qualification of non-resident exemption.

Special Admit Part-time High School Students

Pursuant to Education Code 76300(f), all part-time high school students are waived the California Enrollment Fee for their course(s).  Effective January 1, 2017 AB2364 waives non-resident fees for part-time high school students, except nonimmigrant aliens.  In the event that a high school student is allowed to enroll as a full-time student (12 units or more), all applicable fees will be applied for the total amount of units enrolled.

Refugees with special immigrant visas (SIVs) who settled in California upon entering the United States, and students with a T or U visa

Refund Policy

Residents: Your enrollment fee, less a $10 processing charge, is returned automatically if you drop by a specific date depending on each course or a full refund if the college cancels classes. For short-term classes (less than two weeks) you must drop BEFORE first class meeting. For short term classes (greater than two weeks) and Summer Classes, you must drop prior to 10% of the length of the course. Please check with Enrollment Services Office for specific deadline date for refund.

Refunds for your parking fee must be requested through the Enrollment Services Office and a processing fee may be assessed. You must complete a "Request For Refund" form and attach your parking decal. No refunds will be made after the second week of instruction. The processing time for refunds is approximately six to eight weeks. The Student Government Association (previously ASB) discount sticker, Student Representation Fee and the Help-A-Student Fund are nonrefundable. Keep receipts for reference. Student transcripts, diplomas and registration privileges will be withheld pending settlement of outstanding financial obligation due to the college.

Nonresidents: The amount of your tuition that will be refunded depends upon when you drop. Please refer to the College Catalog or Enrollment Services Office for specific refund schedule.

Official Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications

Transcript Fees  

First 2 requests are free, meaning the $5.00 transcript fee is waived. The first 2 transcripts refer to the very first requests EVER made and can be a combination of transcript request and/or enrollment verification. There is a $8.00 additional charge per RUSH transcript.  Students must submit a Transcript Request Form in order to obtain their FREE copies.  All fees apply to any requests submitted online.

Learn more about Transcript Requests.

Enrollment Verification Fees

First 2 requests are free, meaning the $5.00 verification fee is waived. The first 2 verifications refer to the very first requests EVER made and can be a combination of transcript request and/or enrollment verification. There is a $8.00 additional charge per RUSH verification.

Learn more about Enrollment Verifications.​​

Notice:  If you have outstanding fees or obligations owed to the District, the college will withhold your transcripts, diplomas, and other registration privileges.  If you have a hold on your record, you must contact the department that placed the hold for further details.​