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MSJC > Student Services > Outreach > Concurrent Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Concurrent Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about concurrent enrollment at MSJC.

  • What about those students who may not meet the new criteria, yet have been attending the college successfully?

    Those students who have been attending the college successfully and in the past will be grandfathered in and not be subject to the new special admit criteria.

  • Who may sign off on the recommendation form for the school district?

    Only the high school principal may sign the recommendation for the student to attend MSJC. This authority may not be delegated.

  • What other signatures or materials are required?

    The student will need to provide a completed High School Concurrent Enrollment Request form (also known as the School/Parent Agreement form) to MSJC with both the high school principal's and the parent's signature of consent. High school transcripts and any other required letters of support should also be attached (please see the high school concurrent request form for these possible other items). The college will only review complete application packets.

  • Are there any deadlines? What is the suggested timeline?

    The only deadline is that all of the requirements and documentation must be presented prior to the start term. Students should plan accordingly to ensure they can complete the assessment and orientation process, as well as assemble all of the required documents and signatures prior to the above mentioned date.

  • What type of course load and courses may a student take?

    Special admit high school students may take a maximum of two courses up to a total of 8 units in any one semester. They are also required to take advanced courses for which they meet the prerequisite, and so are limited to transferable courses (100 level and above). There are some limitations to this, so please refer to the back of the High School Concurrent Enrollment Request from for a more complete explanation of this.

  • What forms will the college be using with these new guidelines?

    The college will continue to use the current High School Concurrent Enrollment Request form.

  • Does a special admit student need to apply each semester?

    A continuing student will need to fill the High School Concurrent Enrollment Request form with all of the appropriate signatures and transcripts each semester. They will not need to fill out the college application, not go through the assessment and orientation process again.

  • What if a high school student is denied or does not meet the criteria and would like to challenge this decision?

    A student denied to attend the college as a special high school student admission may appeal the decision. To do this the student should write appeal at the top of the originally submitted High School Concurrent Enrollment Request form, and attach a brief statement as to why they are appealing the denial with rationale as to why they should be permitted to attend.