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Concurrent High School Enrollment

In order to provide educational enrichment opportunities to high school students capable of advanced scholastic and vocational study, Mt. San Jacinto College has established the Concurrent High School Enrollment Program. This program permits high school students to take advanced courses, which give them a jump on their college education. These are regular college courses, and students earn full college credit for their work. Because this is a special program, students must meet special requirements, and not all college classes are open to high school students.

Because admission of high school students is governed by State laws and regulations, the type of courses permitted and the number of students admitted is limited. High school students will not be permitted to enroll in courses where they have failed the same course in high school. Consult a college counselor for specific information on these limits. High School Students may be admitted based on their ability to benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational studies. Admission to this program is based on GPA, class standings, recommendations from high school faculty, assessment placement; and must also satisfy all prerequisites and eligibility requirements for each course.

To request enrollment in this program, students must submit a High School Concurrent Enrollment Request (link) form each term, including the signature of the high school principal and the student's parent or legal guardian, and official high school transcripts. Students being home schooled must have the signature of the individual authorized by the school district or the Riverside County Office of Education. Students on independent studies must have the signature of the principal of the institution they are contracted with. The form must also designate the courses being requested. All students must take the assessment test and complete the online orientation for Mt. San Jacinto College.

If a high school student is accepted as a Concurrent High School Enrollment student at MSJC, there are no enrollment fees charged for courses taken. However, it is the responsibility of the student to purchase any books or materials required for all courses for which they are enrolled.

Concurrent High School Enrollment Students may take a maximum of two (2) courses up to a total of eight (8) units in any one semester. Though, all courses they take must be advanced courses for which they meet the prerequisites, and so are limited to college level courses (100 level and above; Math 90 and English 98 are okay).

All courses are taught at the college level. Even courses such as Elementary Algebra are taught in the style used by adult learners. For that reason, some high school students may find the curriculum too challenging. However, for those ready to take the challenge, the rewards are many. You can even graduate from high school as a college sophomore, or even a junior!

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For more information on High School Concurrent Enrollment, link to Enrollment Services.

Don't have a computer or internet access? Just need a little extra guidance through the enrollment and registration process? Come visit the Eagle Access Center on the Menifee Valley Campus or San Jacinto Campus, and let MSJC College Mentors assist you!

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