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MSJC > Student Services > Student Government Association > Meet the 2014 General Election Candidates

Meet the 2014 General Election Candidates


MSJC Student Trustee - SGA Senator
Candidates for Student Trustee (San Jacinto Campus) 2014-2015

Liliana 2.jpg
Liliana Gomez - WINNER, STUDENT TRUSTEE FOR 2014-15
As your new Student Trustee, my goal is giving back. Working closely with MSJC’s current Student Trustee and participating in California Community College Association for Student Trustees meetings, I’m preparing and gaining knowledge from Trustees statewide. I’m dedicated to advocating for students, focusing on current issues, and putting students first.​
SGA extends a heartfelt "thank you" to all the other candidates who participated in the election for Student Trustee.
             Jason Arroyo

The Student Trustee is YOUR student representative on the MSJC Board of Trustees. I want to make what the board says and does VISIBLE to students in new ways. I want to bring the Board of Trustees to the students at large, and to bring the STUDENTS to the Board!


              Valerie Macias
I, Valerie Macias, would like to run for Student Trustee because I know I will do the job to the best of my abilities. I know that it will not be easy but I am willing to put in the time and effort it will take to make things happen.
 Steffvon-Tremayne Nowden

I am currently running for the elected position of Student Trustee. Vote for me because I believe I can truly represent the student body at all Mt. San Jacinto campuses as well as the surrounding districts, and will communicate all important issues and topics back to the student body.

Candidates for SGA Senator 2014-2015
The following candidates have been confirmed for their positions via the student votes in this election.
Kimberly 2.jpg
       Kimberly Bracamontes - CONFIRMED 2014-15
My  name  is  Kimberly  J. Bracamontes,  I  am  19  years  old  majoring in  neuropsychology. I  am   looking  forward  to  making   a big difference  at  MSJC  by  getting  more students  involved  on  and  off  campus.  If  you  would  like  to  see  your  opinion  count and matter,  Vote  Kimberly  Bracamontes  SGA  senator!

               De'ja Easter - CONFIRMED 2014-15
Hello Eagles! My name Is De'Ja Easter and I am running for Student Senator at our San Jacinto campus. My focus will be on understanding the needs and concerns of our students and how we can further implement new ideas that will further advance our educational journey. So let's start a new journey at MSJC and vote for me! 

        Genesis Ariel Iniguez - CONFIRMED 2014-15

My name is Genesis Ariel Iniguez, and I am running for SGA Senator. My main goals will be to promote diversity, unity, and positive change on campus. I will be the voice to what you the student, want and need from your Student Government Association.​