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MSJC Campus Clubs

 MSJC Campus Clubs

This page will be fully updated with the MSJC Campus Clubs for Fall 2018 after the clubs final charter deadline of October 16th, 2018


Spring 2018 Active Clubs 

​​Club Name Meeting Day/Time​ Meeting Time ​ ​Meeting Location(s)                           ​Advisor(s) Club Email​
​A2MEND ​Every Friday ​11:00pm-1:00pm ​SJC - Rm. 1255 ​Dr. Jeffrey Holmes  ​
​Active Minds  ​Every Wednesday ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​MVC- Rm. 487 ​Arafiena Bhuiyan & Jeremy Rogers ​
​Alliance of Latino-American Students (ALAS) ​Every Thursday ​12:00pm-1:00pm ​MVC - Rm. 106 ​Miranda Angeles & Cynthia Garcia ​
​Anthropology Club Every ​Tuesday  ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 417 Dr. ​Jess Whalen ​
​​Art Club ​​1st Thursdays of the month ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 659 ​Chet Glaze
​Astrophysics Club Every ​Tuesdays  ​3:00pm ​Mark Maier ​
​Actions Sign Louder (A.S.L.) ​2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month ​12:30pm-1:00pm ​MVC -Rm. 659 ​Tina Leonard & Mark Splittstoesser ​
​Ceramics Club Mondays & Wednesdays 12:30pm
​MVC - Rm. 607 ​Susan Giacalone
​Communications Club Every ​Thursday ​12:50-1:50pm ​MVC - Rm. 479 ​Basemeh Rihan ​
​Creative Writing MVC ​Every Tuesday ​12:30-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 488 ​Susan Winslow, Kendall Smith, John Mull
​Criminal Justice Every Thursday ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. varies per week ​Richard Martine/ William Farrar ​
​Dreams & Cinematography Every Thursday ​1:00pm-2:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 969 ​Micah Orloff ​
​Eagle Veterans & Dependent Organization  ​One Tuesday per month ​9-10am ​MVC - Rm. 106 ​Debra Gleason/Terry Russell ​
​History Club ​1st & 3rd Thursdays ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 486 ​Morgan Hoodenpyle/ Gary Vargas ​
​Latter-Day Saints Student Association  Every ​Thursday 3:00pm ​MVC - Rm. 603 ​Taylor Baldwin ​
Masqueraders ​Every Thursday ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​SJC- Theatre Rm.  ​Darren DePriest ​
​Mu Alpha Theta Every ​Friday ​9:30am-11:00am ​MVC - 453
SJC - 1111
​Janie Levasseur/ Alex Cuatok/Patrick Martinez ​
​Music Production Club ​Every Wednesday ​2:00pm-3:00pm ​MVC RM. 652 ​Steven Razo ​
​Nerd Squad ​One Tuesday per month ​5:30pm-6:30pm ​Dr. E. David Moss, Dr. Castro ​
​Oxfam Club ​1st & 3rd Thursdays  ​12:30pm-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 488 ​Stacey Searl-Chapin ​
​Political Science Club ​Every Tuesday ​12:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 408 ​Nicholis Zappia ​
​Polynesian Club Every Wednesday ​1:00-3:00pm ​MVC - Rm. 417 ​Allison Sansbury, Anjeanette Oberg ​
​Psychology Club  ​2nd Wednesday & 4th Thursday ​W: 4-5pm Th.:2:30-3:30 ​MVC - Wed.: Rm. 651 | Thurs.: Rm. 603 ​Richard Kandus/Anjeanette Oberg ​
​Puente Club ​Every Wednesday  ​10:00-10:50am ​SJC - 1420 ​Alma Ramirez ​
​Students for Environmental Action and Leadership (S.E.A.L.) ​Every Thursday  ​12:30-1:30pm ​MVC - Rm. 355A ​Elliot Handrus/ Kristin Hamilton ​
​STEM Club SJC ​Every Friday ​12:00pm-1:00pm SJC - Rm. 111
​Kyle Castro/ Alex Cuatok ​
​STEM Club MVC Every ​Friday  ​10:30am-11:30am ​MVC - Rm. 485 ​Dr. Kyle Castro/ Alex Cuatok ​​
South West Association of Nursing Students (​SWANS)
​1st and 3rd Thursday of the month ​1:00pm-2:00pm ​MVC - Rm. 508 ​Charlene Le, Susan Farrington ​
​The Talon MVC Every Monday  ​​12:30pm  ​MVC - Rm. 479 ​Ron Newman ​
​The Talon SJC ​Every Tuesday  ​12:45pm ​SJC - Rm. 155 ​Ron Newman​ ​
​UMOJA ​Every other Thursday  ​12:30pm-1:50pm ​SJC- Rm. 1255 ​Dr. Pamela Wright ​
​World Languages Club ​Tuesdays  9:30am - 10:30am​ ​MVC - Rm. 957 ​Jesslyn Lopez, Sonia Sanchez Navarro ​
​Zion Bible Study Club MVC Every Tuesday ​11:00am ​MVC - Rm. 412 ​Anjeanette Oberg ​​
Club Descriptions
The following descriptions are directly from the club constitution purpose statements. For further information please contact the club directly.
A2MEND: The purpose of A2MEND Student Chapter is to promote the enhancement of enrollment, success, empowerment, leadership, networking, professionalism, and graduation of individuals among African American, Latino, and other at-risk male students at Mt. San Jacinto College. 
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes Club 

Active Minds: The purpose and objectives of this organization, the Mt. San Jacinto College Active Minds, shall be: to spread awareness and educate students of mental health at Mt.San Jacinto College; to promote and host activities to spread awareness to the students of Mt. San Jacinto College; to create a safe and comfortable space for students to share their thoughts and to talk about current issues that students are experiencing. 
Advisor: Arafiena Bhuiyan
Club Email:

Art Club:
Advisor: John Knuth
Club Email:

Anthropology Club: The purpose of the Mt. San Jacinto Anthropology Club shall be to promote and encourage interest in the subject of Anthropology, to unite students attending MSJC who have an interest in

Anthropology and Sciences. To promote interest in Anthropology among the students of MSJC, to stimulate and encourage personal and academic growth of members as well as their participation in appropriate and related activities. To provide a positive and healthy environment for the members to carry out events having to do with anthropology, to honor students who show potential in academic and higher education. To learn the techniques and trade practices of anthropology and familiarize members with opportunities for networking and skill accusation that they will need in order to succeed in the profession.

Advisor: Jess Whalen & John Torres
Club email:

Ceramics Club: The purpose and objectives of this organization, the Mt. San Jacinto College Ceramics Club, shall be to bring awareness to the students of Mt. San Jacinto College and the surrounding area about the thriving ceramics department at the Menifee Valley Campus. To cultivate interest in ceramics courses, to teach members about ceramics and bring students and the community together through this art form. To help raise funds to donate to the ceramics department through this club, to continue the tradition of the Holiday Sale for the community and students. To help artists discover a new art form and allow ceramic artists to display their skillset and talents to a wider audience.
Club Email:

Communications Club: The goal the Mt. San Jacinto Communications is to offer its members opportunities for growth in their communications skills and knowledge, on personal and professional level through hands-on activities, discussions, and college-wide events. 
Club Email: 

Creative Writing MVC: The purpose of the organization shall be to expand our knowledge of creative writing, to help students advance their organization skills. To provide every member with a chance of becoming a leader on campus, to work together with other clubs and assist them with their events. To learn the techniques and advancements we will need in order to succeed in our profession.
Club Email:

Criminal Justice Club: The purpose and objective of the Criminal Justice Club shall be to help members prepare for the future careers in criminal justice, legal, law enforcement, crime issue, to sponsor events and demonstrations that inform the campus community about local crime issues. To make available to students any information about career opportunities in the justice system, and for students to discuss and learn about criminal justice topics that interest them.​
Advisor: Richard Martinez
Club Email:

History Club: The purpose of the organization shall be to expand our knowledge of History Club, to help students advance their organization skills. To provide every member with a chance of becoming a leader on campus, to work together with other clubs and assist them with their events. To learn the techniques and advancements we will need in order to succeed in our profession.
Advisor: Morgan Hoodenpyle
Club Email:

Latter-day Saint Student Association: The purpose is to encourage and support members of the LDSSA in achieving their academic goals and maintaining a balanced life while on campus. To encourage members of the LDSSA to become an influence for good by participating in activities and service on campus and in the community. To provide students with meaningful service opportunities and social and religious activities that are consistent with the LDSSA standards and to promote traditional moral values.​

Advisor: Taylor Baldwin

Club Email:

DREAM & Cinematography: The Purpose of the organization shall be to build Reel and Portfolio for any type of field, to build a Social Media Collaborative within YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To host up to three to four Video Contest Events throughout the entire Semester, to work together with other clubs and assist them with their events. To work outside of campus and build connections with Real-Life Experience, to have Guest Speakers come to the Campus to speak. To participate in Art Festival for 2017, to build a team from  the ground up with various skills and even train those to reach that type of level in field. We will record all events, meeting discussions, and club experiences with video and audio equipment which students may or may not possess on their own.
Advisor: Morgan Hoodenpyle 
Club Email:

Mu Alpha Theta: The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among two year college students. Specifically, the chapter of Mu Alpha Theta at MSJC – MVC works to promote scholarship in and enjoyment of mathematics among MSJC students and the surrounding community by sponsoring and supporting math-inspired activities such as math competitions and math tutoring.
Advisor:​ ​Janice Levasseur
Club Email:
Oxfam: The Purpose and Objectives of this organization, the Oxfam Club at MSJC, shall be: To engage in activities that raise awareness to issues of social injustice, including, but not limited to: income inequality, poverty, hunger, famine, genocide, and homelessness; To promote social justice advocacy within our college community;  To participate in civilized, objective debates and exchange perspectives on social justice topics and discuss solutions; To be an advocate for the least powerful among us and to champion policies that advocate for a more just and equal world, which includes our own communities; To participate in local humanitarian projects.
Advisor: Stacey Searl-Chapin​, Tom Donovan & Carla Maroudas
Club Email:

Polynesian Club: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and educate members on the variety of polynesian dances, to provide opportunities for students to share in the polynesian culture; To establish an appreciation and respect among the student body for other cultures; To share cultural appreciation of polynesian dances with non- members and the community and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Advisor: Allison Sansburry
Club Email:

Psychology Club: The MSJC Psychology Club is an organization dedicated to stimulating interest in psychology among members and fellow students. The primary objectives of the psychology club are to provide educational opportunities on topics related to mental health and the psychological professions, promote student research, provide vital information regarding prospective careers and academic programs in interaction. The psychology club meets these goals in a variety of ways including providing field trip opportunities, inviting guest speakers, coordinating workshops, forming discussions based on documentaries and films relating to the field of psychology, and engaging in social and volunteer events throughout the academic year. ​
Advisor: Richard Kandus & Anjeanette Oberg
Club Email:

Puente: The goal of this organization shall be to build a strong sense of community within Mt. San Jacinto College with current and former Puente students as well as other interested students, To inform club members of academic, social, and community activities. To foster ongoing development of our personal and educational growth, by exposure to the transfer process, career workshops, guest speakers, scholarship information, educational field trips, cultural outings, and university tours. And to formulate leaders to better assist and give back to the community. ​
Advisor: Alma Ramirez
Club Email:

S.A.I.L.: The purpose and objective of this organization, S.A.I.L., shall be to promote awareness of the interpreting program and provide support to interpreting students, to build a network and partnership with locals and public. To seek possible information that will help develop our professionalism in interpreting, create a connection with the communities (Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind, Late Deafened). To promote diversity and recruit POC within the interpreting field, and represent role models as an interpreter.​
Advisor: Jeremy Rogers 
Club Email:

S.E.A.L.: The purpose and objective of this organization shall be to promote environmental awareness and inform students about current environmental events, to promote civic involvement among college students. To participate in civilized, objective debates and exchange environmental perspectives, to be a  conduit for environmental policy and other issues affecting the club and students on campus. And to participate in local environmental projects.  ​
Advisor: Elliot Handrus & Kristin Hamilton
Club Email:

S.T.E.M. Club: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and encourage interest in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or STEM). To promote a place of communication and interaction with other students attending MSJC and interested in STEM related fields, to STEMulate and encourage personal and academic growth of members as well as promote their participation in appropriate and related activities in the community. To implement fundraising activities to support and enhance STEM related activities (i.e. incentives, field trips, etc.), to increase knowledge of the process and requirements to transfer to four- year universities, internships, and scholarships.​
Advisor:​ Kyle Castro, Luis Mondragon, Alex Cuatok
Club Email:​ ​

S.W.A.N.S.: The purpose of SWANS is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care, to provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students. To aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.
Advisor:​ Charlene Le
Club Email:

Spanish Club: To encourage and promote interest in students in the subject of Spanish and all of its realms, to foment community unified by MSJC students who share a common interest in all things spanish. To incite and cultivate broader perspectives of the twenty-one  Spanish-speaking countries, to provide an enriching environment for members to shape and share perspectives. And to recognize and credit students who demonstrate intrigue and involvement in student collaboration. ​
Advisor: Jesslyn Lopez, Sonia Sanchez & Lissette Castro
Club Email:

The Talon: The purpose of this organization is to report on important issues which affect the student body and to better connect the students with the institution, to provide truthful and transparent accounts of the institution and community. To create a venue for the student voice which fairly represents the diversity of students that attend MSJC in an ethical manner, to create a forum where students can network with others with similar interests, gain experience in writing and community involvement, and understand the educational system. To objectively monitor the authority of the institution through investigations and through research, as well as provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
Advisor: Ron Newman
Club Email:

UMOJA: The purpose of the organization shall be: To expand our knowledge of Umoja; To help students advance their organization skills; To provide every member with a chance of becoming a leader on campus; To work together with other clubs and assist them with their events; To learn the techniques and advancements we will need in order to succeed in our profession. 
Advisor: Dr. Pamela Wright
Club email: