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SGA Applications and Constitution

Apply to be appointed to the Student Government Assocation (SGA) at MSJC!!

The SGA is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic school year. All SGA positions (elected or appointed) are for a full academic year term (1 year - Fall/Spring). Please review the SGA constitution (click on the document link below) for more information regarding requirements and responsibilities for each position. 

2018-2019 SGA Elections Packets

Revised Election Packet - Student Trustee - 2018-2019.pdfRevised Election Packet - Student Trustee - 2018-2019.pdf

Revised Election Packet - Pres- 2018-2019.pdfRevised Election Packet - President - 2018-2019.pdf

Revised Election Packet - VP-MVC - 2018-2019.pdfRevised Election Packet - Vice President - MVC - 2018-2019.pdf

Revised Election Packet - VP-SJC - 2018-2019.pdfRevised Election Packet - Vice President - SJC - 2018-2019.pdf

Revised Election Packet - Commissioner - 2018-2019.pdfRevised Election Packet - Commissioner - 2018-2019.pdf

Revised Election Packet - Senator - 2018-2019.pdfRevised Election Packet - Senator - 2018-2019.pdf

Summer 2018 SGA Appointment Applications

SGA Appointment Application Summer 2018 REVISED 6-05-18.pdfSGA Appointment Application Summer 2018 REVISED 6-05-18.pdf

Student Government Association Constitution and Bylaws

SGA Constitution Revised Spring 2018.pdfSGA Constitution Revised Spring 2018.pdf

SGA Bylaws.pdfSGA Bylaws.pdf


Student Government Association 2013-2014 Expenses

SGA Expenditures-Budget 2013-2014.pdfSGA Expenditures-Budget 2013-2014.pdf


Student Application to Participate on a District Committee

Shared Governance - Student Packet - FA2014Update.pdfShared Governance - Student Packet - FA2014Update.pdf


Student Government Association Election Code

SGA Election Code .pdfSGA Election Code .pdf

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