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Famous TRIO

Famous TRIO...

  • Oprah Winfrey, Upward Bound, talk show host, author and journalist
  • A. C. Green, Student Support Services, Oregon State University, NBA basketball player
  • Angela Bassett, Upward Bound, St. Petersberg Junior College, actress
  • Beatrice Berry, Upward Bound, University of Delaware, author, award-winning lecturer
  • John Quinones, Upward Bound, St Mary's University, correspondent for ABC news, "Prime Time Live"
  • Viola Davis, Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Rhode Island College, actress
  • Wil Haygood, Upward Bound, Ohio Dominican College, Boston Globe feature writer
  • Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, music producers
  • Henry Bonilla, Talent Search, former US Congressman, 23rd district of Texas
  • Franklin Chang-Diaz, Student Support Services, University of Connecticut, first Hispanic astronaut
  • Bernard Harris, Ronald E McNair Scholars, Texas Tech, first African American astronaut
  • Kevin Shibilski, Student Support Services, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Senator
  • Gwendolynne Moore, Student Support Services, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Senator
  • Rev. James L Nadau, STI, Upward Bound, Bowdoin College, Roman Catholic priest
  • Barbara Harmon-Schamberger, Upward Bound, Salem- Teikyo University, General Counsel and Deputy of Securities
  • Raul Vasquez, Upward Bound, Laredo Jr. College, University of Houston, Judge
  • Belinda Reyes, Upward Bound, Bee Co. College, University of Texas, PhD, Judge
  • Victor O. Lujan, Talent Search, New Mexico Highlands, former Executive Director of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos, Inc.