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About Workforce Development/Contract Education

Your Foundation for Growth 

Are you considering establishing a formal training or organizational learning function within your organization? Perhaps you wish to better align your training/organizational learning functions with the company’s business goals and objectives or perhaps you are considering the consolidation of training operations. If so, Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJC) will help you accomplish your objective.

As your business partner, MSJC will help develop customized educational programs tailored to your industry, your employees and your needs.

MSJC offers a full range of services including; company wide education programs, computer training for individuals, technical writing of process and instruction manuals and one to two day seminars in communication, supervisory development, problem solving and other critical workplace issues. MSJC also offers custom sessions targeted to specific industries for manufacturing efficiency, lean operations and advanced technical skills.

Your Company’s Needs

The business environment changes rapidly. Managers face challenges driven by changing workforce expectations, technical evolution and increased global competition. Versatile, highly skilled, and ethical employees are needed to meet these challenges. It is essential that each employee possess diverse knowledge and current technical skills to perform their current jobs effectively and support future growth.

MSJC works with employers to assess individual employee needs and develops a plan for each employee that will allow them to reach their full individual potential and the company to gain the maximum productivity while retaining valued employees. Employee educational plans blend the goals of the company, business reality, work environment and individual needs into a strategic and tactical advantage for the company that will increase organizational competitiveness.

Strengthening Your Foundation

Employees are hard working and intelligent. Some may need additional foundational skills in math or language to reach their full potential. At MSJC, we explore the capabilities and challenges of each employee to evaluate and build on their strengths, reinforce their foundational skills and learn the critical thinking skills necessary to compete in a world-class work force. 

Employers enjoy the benefits of a more involved and motivated workforce of educated, team oriented workers that understand their individual roles in contributing to the success of the company. Employees gain technical skills, self-confidence and a team oriented perspective that will encourage them to become active problem solving participants in company projects.