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Business Communications

Business Communication prepares students to meet the demand for improved communication skills in the business environment. MSJC offers several credit courses. These courses may be applicable to one or more MSJC business degree or certificate programs. Employment Concentration Certificates can be earned in Management Communications and Office Communications. All training can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual business organizations, taught at the business site, and offered for credit or non-credit.

Program Outline

Business Communications — 3 units, 16 weeks
Presents the principles, strategies and techniques of written and oral business communications. This course is also in one-unit modules as follows:

Business Communications — 1 unit, 6 weeks (per course)

  • Emphasizes communication foundations and the writing process
  • Emphasizes strategies and techniques for writing direct business letters, memos, negative news messages, and sales messages
  • Emphasizes skills in writing investigative and analytical reports, sales proposals, and techniques for delivering oral business presentations

Business Communication Seminar — 1/2 unit, 8 hours
Covers basic techniques for written and oral business messages.

Business English — 3 units, 16 weeks
Provides a comprehensive review of English grammar and punctuation rules as applied to business writing.

Communication in the Organization — 3 units, 16 weeks
Reviews basic organizational theory in organization communication including verbal and non-verbal, as well as horizontal and vertical communication.

Company Benefits

Prepares employees to design oral and written business presentations such as letters, memos, and business reports

Enhances skills in writing analytical reports and sales proposals

Provides strategies for delivering high-quality oral presentations

Elevates employee knowledge in basic organizational theory and provides a comprehensive review of English grammar