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Workplace Education Programs

We Offer Full Program Development & Coordination as well as Specialized Courses

  • General Needs Analysis
    Working with company managers, MSJC’s consultants study your organization including individual and combined job descriptions then meets with selected employees and management to make recommendations for a built-to-fit workplace education program

  • Job Responsibilities Analysis (JRA)
    We scrutinize selected job classifications to determine specific responsibilities and identify the level of basic skills required. Managers receive a detailed report describing a recommended development plan. The analyses are an invaluable tool for determining the educational needs of your company.

    In addition, JRA’s can be a valuable pre-employment screening tool or assist with re-certification or initial ISO 9000 certification to the latest standard.

  • Basic Skills Assessment
    This assessment generates a detailed report of employee skill levels, based on basic math, reading and writing assessments of individual employees.

  • Strategic Program Development
    With assessments completed, MSJC will work closely with managers to design a strategic and cost effective program that enables employers to achieve future goals and assure success. A gap analysis between future and current positions leads to a systematic and achievable plan with clearly defined steps and milestones. MSJC works with all types of companies to implement affordable customized solutions that enhance competitiveness.