Wine Industry and Hospitality (formerly Viticulture, Enology and Winery Technology)

viticulture student and instructors in a vineyard

San Jacinto Campus
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Stefano Butto, Coordinator

Menifee Valley Campus
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Employment Concentration Certificate(s)

Viticulture, Enology and Winery Technology Concentration

Program Description

Wine Industry and Hospitality is a program that introduces the student to a variety of disciplines included in the winemaking industry. From basic winemaking (enology), grape cultivation (viticulture), event organization and service (hospitality) to marketing and selling of wine (business principles). This program seeks to inform the student at an introductory level to the many fields encompassing the winery industry.




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Community colleges do more than provide students with quality and affordable education. They also serve as a resource to local business and industry by tailoring programs to their employment needs. Students can walk out of the college with the training necessary to land a job in the region.

Mt. San Jacinto College has tailored many programs to businesses and industries in the college’s 1,700-square-mile district.

MSJC’s newest program, Viticulture and Enology, focuses on Temecula, home to some of the most successful wineries in California.

Mission Statement

To empower individuals with an interest in the wine making industry with the knowledge, skills and expertise to pursue their passion and to obtain entry-level positions.


  • To create a well balanced curriculum offering an individual the options to enter the wine industry in the following areas:
    • Viticulture  — the science of the agricultural process of wine making.
    • Enology — the science of wine making.
    • Hospitality and Customer Service unique to the wine industry.
    • Wine Business and Marketing.
  • To provide quality training that would enable student to transfer to four year institutions.
  • Reinforce the image of the Temecula Wine Industry locally, regionally, and globally.

Advisory Board

The unique curriculum was hand-crafted by local award winning vintners: Patrick Bartlett (Co-Chair, TVWM Executive Director), Etienne Cowpers (Wilson Creek Winemaker), Ben Drake (Owner of Drake Entrerprise), Peggy Evans (Executive Director of Temecula Valley Wine Growers), Joe Hart (Owner of Hart Winery), Joyce Johnson (MSJC Dean of Instruction), Tim Kramer (Leonesse Winemaker), Jon McPherson (South Coast Winery Winemaker), Peter Poole (President of Vitis Consulting), Mike Rennie (Owner of TVWM & Leonesse Cellars), John Schuler (MSJC Chemistry Professor).

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