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MSJC is monitoring COVID-19

Sent 03/04/2020 

Dear Student,

We are aware of the mounting concern over the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Please be assured that MSJC is working closely with our educational partners, from K-12 to higher education, and public health officials, including Riverside County University Health System - Public Health.

It is important to remember that, as of this writing, there are no confirmed cases in Riverside County. In addition, please note that 80 percent of cases will not require hospitalization, which is similar to the impacts of the flu each year. Still, MSJC takes this new virus and its potential threat to public health seriously. Riverside County University Health System - Public Health is the agency responsible for confirming cases and would notify us if a confirmed case impacted the college directly.  If there were a direct impact on our college, MSJC would notify students immediately and provide directions on next steps. 

Please visit our webpage about the coronavirus to learn more. 

If you have concerns about your health, please notify your physician or visit the MSJC Student Health Centers:

San Jacinto Campus Student Health Center
Modular 1540 951-487-3206

Menifee Valley Campus Student Health Center
Modular 2009 951-639-5206

In the event of an emergency of any nature, we will notify you immediately. Please update your emergency contact information today so we have your most current information.