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MSJC FAQs on transition to online instruction/services

Sent 03/17/2020

Dear MSJC Students,

As you are aware, Mt. San Jacinto College has closed all campus and off-site locations after Riverside County public health officials issued orders on March 13, 2020 calling for school closures. The order was made to reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). MSJC currently has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 affecting our service area. 

On behalf of the College we thank you for your continued patience as we work to find creative and innovative solutions and strategies to support you reaching your educational goals. We recognize this is an extremely uncertain time and you may be experiencing significant stress and anxiety. Please rest assured that our MSJC leadership team, alongside our dedicated faculty and staff, are working around the clock to ensure that we are working to minimize disruptions to your college-going experience.  

In an effort to keep students safe and help them continue to reach their goals, we are launching online instruction and services on April 6th.

MSJC leadership has developed the following Student Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet to provide you with an update regarding our transition to an online environment as well as answers to many student questions asked through our email. We anticipate sending out additional correspondence as we get closer to full implementation of our online offerings and services; however, we wanted to keep you updated regarding new developments. 

For additional questions and/or inquiries, please submit those to

Also please continue to check your email and visit frequently for updates 

In an effort to keep students safe and help them continue to reach their goals, we are launching online instruction and services on April 6th.


Instructional Updates 

In the interest of continuing students' education, as many classes as possible will resume Monday April 6, 2020 in an online format utilizing the Canvas and ConferZoom platforms, with very few exceptions.  A list of the classes NOT transitioning to CANVAS will be posted and further directions provided in the coming days.  

Currently, all existing online and hybrid classes are running online as scheduled.  Late start online and hybrid classes began online.  Students in currently scheduled face-to-face classes are off until April 6, 2020.  At this time no assignments will be required for face-to-face classes through April 6, 2020, however, we encourage you to check your emails for communications from your instructors regarding further direction.

A few additional points of clarification: 

  • Dual enrollment - where high schools are cancelled, dual enrollment classes are cancelled.  When high schools resume in either online or face-to-face, dual enrollment will do the same.  We will monitor instructional hours of these classes and work with the schools, and incomplete grades can be issued, if necessary, to provide time for the classes to be completed.  
  • Nursing students – our intention is to have nursing students use the simulation lab and we will continue to monitor the situation and may need to change based on directions of public health.  However, conditions continue to change, so we cannot guarantee this solution.   

Other Allied Health programs--we are still evaluating because of hospital regulations – and still working with local hospital and contracted hospitals – and all accrediting bodies. 

At this time, the following FAQs are subject to change due to constantly changing circumstances.  

Transition to Online Education 

Question: How are my credits or units being affected by this? 
Answer: All credits and/or units will be conferred for courses completed this semester. We are working diligently with the Chancellor’s Office to ensure as little disruption as possible with your educational goals.  

Question: How will my graduation and/or ability to transfer be impacted by this event? 
Answer: We do not anticipate any disruption to your ability to graduate and/or transfer this semester as all course units/credits completed this semester will be conferred. 

Question: Will I have access to tutoring online? 
Answer: Students will have access to 24/7 NetTutor and we are actively working to find additional online tutoring options.

Question: What if I don’t have a computer or access to wifi? 
Answer: We understand that many of our students may have challenges in transitioning to a fully online environment. We are currently working on strategies for minimizing your impact and will be communicating more information to you in the coming days.   

Question: Is there a way to access my textbooks online?  
Answer: We recognize that many of our students who use the textbooks in the library to complete assignments will need an alternative. We have located a database called VitalSource . That is giving students free access to online textbooks until May 25, 2020. All students need to do is register an account and they get to view the textbook for free. Unfortunately, not all textbooks are available; so please check the database.

Question: Is the MSJC Bookstore open? 
Answer: Yes, 
The MSJC Bookstores on each campus will remain open and students may come to pick up supplies and/or books that they have ordered. We will comply with any restrictions imposed by the Riverside County Public Health Department. Hours for the week of March 16, 2020 are anticipated for the following: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:00pm.  
Question: What if my class cannot be transitioned to an online format? What happens?  
Answer: We are working extremely hard to transition as many classes as possible over to an online format; however, we recognize that some classes may not be able to work in an online environment. We will be communicating directly with students the courses that will NOT transition and the next steps for those students. Please continue to watch for emails and updates.  
Question: What if I want to drop a class?  
Answer: All existing class drop policies are still in place. Please refer to the College Catalog or the following link for further information related to this policy.

Student Workers and Federal Work Study Students 

Although instruction is transitioning to an online environment, it is important for students to understand that they must continue to meet eligibility requirements and maintain appropriate enrollment status.

Question: Will student workers be paid?   
Answer: We recognize that our student workers rely on continuity in pay; therefore, at this time the district will continue to pay student workers for their previously scheduled hours during the closure through April 30, 2020.  

Question: Will federal work study students continue to be paid?   
Answer: We recognize that our federal student workers rely on continuity in pay; therefore, at this time the district will continue to pay federal student workers for their previously scheduled hours during the closure through April 30, 2020.   

Financial Aid 

Although instruction is transitioning to an online environment, it is important for students to understand that they must continue to meet eligibility requirements and maintain appropriate enrollment status. 

Question: What about my Financial Aid disbursement, will it be processed, and will I still receive my funds?  
Answer: Yes. All processing is automated and if your financial aid file is completed and awarded by the deadline your funds will be dispersed to you by the method you enrolled in. More information on Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule and Important Dates are available by clicking here: 

Question: I have important documents that need to be turned in can I drop them off?  
Answer: Yes, there will be secure drop boxes available at both the San Jacinto and Menifee Valley Campuses for students to drop off documents. They will be available Thursday, March 18th from 9:00am to 3:00pm and Friday, March 19th from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Additional days and times may be added in the coming weeks and would be posted on the MSJC website and communicated out to students.  
On the San Jacinto Campus the drop box will be located in Building 1150 and on the Menifee Valley Campus the drop box will be in Building 100. 

Question: Will I still receive my CARE benefits for childcare and gas cards? 
Answer: Award packages are unchanged so benefits awarded for childcare will still be dispersed as planned. Due to limited access to the campuses gas cards distribution has been postponed at this time and students will be contacted once that becomes available again. 


Question. If I plan to transfer following the Spring Semester and have made the request for transcripts, will my transcripts be sent to my receiving institution?  
Answer: Yes, MSJC will continue to process transcript requests as quickly as possible. Please see the website for the process for requesting transcripts.  Students should continue to check with the receiving institution for receipt of transcripts.

Question: When will my Summer registration appointment be available? 
Answer: At this time summer registration appointments will be available to view in Eagle Advisor on March 30th. Registration for summer will begin on April 13th. This may change if the Riverside County Public Health Office extends the closure order. Please continue to check your Eagle Advisor account and MSJC’s website for any changes that may occur.  


Question: Can I still apply for graduation?  
Answer: Yes, you can still apply for graduation via the online graduation application which can be found here:
.The deadline for the graduation application has been extended to April 30, 2020.

Question: When will I hear back about my graduation application?    
Answer: Graduation applications will continue to be evaluated. When evaluations are completed notification will be sent to the student.

Question: How does this closure affect the Graduation ceremonies on May 21st?   
Answer: No final decision on graduation has been determined at this point. Please continue to look to the MSJC Graduation website for further information  

Question: How does this closure affect Grad Fair? 

Answer: The Grad Fairs scheduled for May 4th and May 7th have been cancelled.

Question: What about my VA benefits? 

Answer: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has issued the statement below concerning COVID – 19. We are anticipating an update on Wednesday, March 18th. We will continue to share information as it becomes available.   


Question: What if I had a counseling appointment or other appointments within Student Services?  

Answer: All appointments that were previously scheduled are cancelled.  We are working to establish remote or virtual counseling as quickly as possible.

Student Life & Athletics  

Question: I am part of a campus club/athletic team and we have meetings/events/games scheduled, do I go?  

Answer: All on-campus activities (such as club and athletic events) have been suspended, please do not come to campus. Please contact your club advisor or coach if you have additional questions/concerns.  Also, the CCCAA has cancelled all intercollegiate activities and contests for the Spring semester.   

Question: I planned on going to a campus tour/workshop/speaker series on campus, can I go?   

Answer: All on-campus activities such as speaker series, workshops, and campus tours have been suspended, please do not come to campus

For further questions or inquiries, please email  

Stay healthy, be safe!


Dr. Roger Schultz, Ph.D.


Mt. San Jacinto College