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MSJC COVID-19 Updates | 3-30-2020 7:05 PM

Sent 03/30/2020

Dear Students, 

Since the moment we learned how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact our institution, we want you to know that your continued success and achievement was always our highest priority. Our teams quickly mobilized and put into action a plan that aimed to minimize the disruption to your overall academic progress and studies. Through the leadership and innovation of our dedicated faculty, departments, and deans we can let you know that we have transitioned nearly all of our courses to an online platform. We are extremely proud that more than 99% of our classes will be offered online.

As you can imagine, it took a great deal of problem-solving and research to find appropriate online resources to ensure that you continued to receive the same high level of quality that you came to know and expect in your face to face courses. As we transition to this new online format, please know that our faculty have worked to maintain course objectives and outcomes for each course that transitions online, even for those that traditionally require hands-on experiences to complete objectives, like lab sciences, automotive, and fine and performing arts.  Nursing and Allied Health are developing solutions to continue your progress toward joining such an essential sector of the workforce during this time. 

Unfortunately, there are a few classes that we could not transition to an online platform given the uniqueness of some of the courses’ objectives. The list below outlines those courses that will NOT transition to an online platform.


  • LNSK 051—Learning Disabilities Workshop 
  • MUS 210/211—Jazz Ensemble 
  • NURS 084A—Nursing Skills Lab—Certified Nursing Assistant 
  • NURS 085—Certified Nursing Assistant


  • GEOL 107—Field Trips in Geology   
  • ART 002X—Ceramics 
All CWE (Cooperative Work Experience) will be considered COMPLETED.  Students will receive credit based on the number of hours they have worked. 
NON-CREDIT CLASSES will resume instruction on April 20th and run an additional two weeks after the end of the term.

For those courses marked "Suspend," students can expect to hear from their instructors regarding a completion plan for the course.  All suspended classes plan to resume with on campus activity when conditions related to Covid-19 have improved.  Students will be issued an "In Progress" (IP) grade symbol, but will be assigned a grade upon completion.  The IP grade does not affect students' grade point average.

We know that you may have additional questions and concerns regarding this transition now that you are aware of the courses that will or will not transfer to an online platform. We intend to share a more comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet with you all tomorrow specifically related to the online course transition and how to move forward. Please continue to submit your questions to

We want to extend our thanks and gratitude for your continued patience and understanding as we worked to make this transition possible. We know these are not ideal circumstances for any of us and that some of you may have preferred taking your courses in-person, but know that we are here to support you and will be providing you with additional online resources and assistance to ensure your success. We believe in you and we know that you can finish the remainder of the semester out strong!