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MSJC Action Required | No Harm Grading Option

Sent 05/14/2020

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Dear Students,
MSJC has met unprecedented challenges this semester due to Covid-19, and we recognize these challenges may have made it difficult to complete your classes successfully.  
Effective for the Spring 2020 term only, students will have the following options to replace their earned letter grade with a "No Harm" grade. Please read, as you must take action by May 20.
Here is how it will work:
"Auto-EW"  - if you receive a “F” or “No Pass” grade for courses that end after March 16, 2020 - Your “F” or “No Pass” grades will be automatically converted to an Excused Withdrawal (EW) effective the last day of the term. 
You may request to have your Excused Withdrawal (EW) converted back to an “F” or “No Pass” if you wish, however, we strongly encourage you to consult with Financial Aid ( prior to making this request. 
Please email to request to remove the “Auto-EW" back to the original “F” or “No Pass” grade. In your email please include the Course name, Section Number, as well as your Student ID. 
MSJC staff will verify all student and course information, including final grade, and will notify you by email once the verification is complete. All reversals from AUTO-EW are final. 
Withdrawals due to student or faculty drop - if you withdrew or a faculty member dropped you from a class between March 12, 2020, and May 20, 2020 - the Withdrawal (W) will be automatically converted to an Excused Withdrawal (EW). 
If you withdrew from your class or a faculty member dropped you between February 10, 2020 - March 12, 2020 you will continue to receive a Withdrawal “W” for the course as this occurred prior to the COVID-19 Emergency. 
"Pass/No Pass"  You also have the option of requesting that your earned letter grade be issued a Pass or No Pass grade instead.  You may request this option for any course. The deadline for this request is extended to May 20, 2020.  Students can request the Pass/No Pass option by emailing through May 20, 2020.  In your email please include the course name, section number, and your Student ID.  Students will receive a confirmation email once the change has been completed.  Please see a counselor to review pass/no pass considerations for transfer institutions.
Request for Incomplete Grade: Students can email their instructors to request an incomplete grade for a course. Instructors will forward the email to with an attached incomplete form. 
We hope that these policy changes will help protect your grades from any negative impact of this crisis. We encourage you to continue your progress here at MSJC and we look forward to you enrolling in the summer or fall terms!
Dr. Jeremy Brown
Interim Vice President of Instruction