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MSJC > Career and Technical Education > Cooperative Work Experience Education > Frequently Asked Questions- Employers

Frequently Asked Questions- Employers

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers
Q:      How do I get started?
A:       To get started, complete the Intern Request Form. You can download the Intern Request Form by clicking here.​ Then, please email, fax or mail the completed form to the Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) Program office. We will then forward the request to the appropriate program faculty for screening of applicants.
Q:      Is it possible to not release our company’s contact information to students?
A:       Yes. If your company prefers, the CWEE office can collect student resumes and then forward pre-screened applicants to your office for scheduling of interviews.
Q:      How are students for the internship selected?
A:       After receiving the Intern Request form, Career & Technical Education (CTE) faculty from your company’s industry will notify interested, well-prepared students about the opportunity. Those students will then either send their resume directly to you, or if you prefer, the CWEE office can forward student resumes. Next, you can interview the interested candidates and select the student that best fits your needs.
Q:      Do I need to notify MSJC of the candidate that has been selected?
A:       Yes. The student who has been selected will need to participate in an orientation in order to enroll in the internship course for credit. The student is also required to complete registration paperwork which is due by the second Friday of the semester. If the student does not meet this deadline, the student is NOT eligible to participate in the internship for that semester.
Q:       What date does the internship program start? What date does the internship program end?
A:        The internship program begins on the first day of the semester. The internship ends on the last day of the semester. Students are not allowed to start working until they registered for the internship course and the first day of the semester.
            For the Fall 2016 semester, the internship will begin on August 15, 2016 and end on December 09, 2016. The registration deadline for Fall 2016 is August 26, 2016.
            For the Spring 2017 semester, the internship will begin on January 17, 2017 and end on May 19, 2017. The registration deadline for Spring 2016 is January 27, 2017.
Q:      Do I have to add the student to my company’s workmen’s compensation insurance plan?
A:       No. Since the student is enrolling in an internship course, MSJC is able to cover the student under the district’s workmen’s compensation insurance. If you need a copy of the plan for your records, please contact the CWEE office at (951) 639-5567.
Q:      What are the average hours per week a student must work to earn credit?
A:       The number of hours will depend on the number of units the student is enrolling in for the internship course and if the internship is paid or unpaid. Refer to the chart below for the required number of hours that must be worked in the semester.

Q:      What are the employer’s responsibilities?
A:        The employer is expected to supervise and provide recommendations on how students can improve technical and soft skills. At least once in the semester, the faculty advisor for the internship course will need to visit the site to meet with the site supervisor. The site supervisor will need to sign the student’s timesheets at the end of each month. Additionally, the site supervisor is asked to complete an evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of the internship and then review it with the student. To download the evaluation form, please click here. ​