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MSJC > Career and Technical Education > Cooperative Work Experience Education > Frequently Asked Questions- Faculty Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions- Faculty Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty Advisors
Q:      I know of an employer who would like to bring on an intern. What should I do?
A:       You are welcome to follow a couple of options:
·       Refer the employer to the CWEE website, to complete the Employer Intern Request
·       Provide a copy of the Employer Intern Request​ form to the employer
·       Provide the employer with the CWEE office contact number of (951) 639-5567
·       Provide the contact information of the employer to Matt Leyden at 
Q:      I am interested in serving as a faculty advisor. How do I get started?
A:       Complete the interest form​ and return to the CWEE office. The CWEE office will then be in contact with you to schedule an orientation.
Q:      How many students are enrolled per section?
A:       A maximum of 5 students can be enrolled in each section.
Q:      What are my responsibilities as a faculty advisor?
A:       See the Faculty Advisor Roles and Checklist for more information.
·       Serve as a mentor to students
·       Work closely with students to develop goals/objectives for the internship
·       Maintain communication with the student throughout the semester
·       Conduct a site visit
·       Collect and sign student’s timesheets at the end of each month
·       Collect and grade the student’s final evaluation on completing their learning objectives and final essay
·       Evaluate student’s performance and determine a final grade
·       Submit all ORIGINALS of paperwork to CWEE office by the end of the semester
Q:      What are the steps for enrollment that the student must follow?
A:       Enrollment Procedures:
1.     Student must attend a Job Skills Workshop
2.     Student must complete the Orientation
3.     Student must complete the CWEE Application and Training Plan
4.     Student will meet with Site Supervisor to develop 3 Learning Objectives and receive signature on Training Plan and Application
5.     Student will meet with the faculty advisor to receive signature on Training Plan
6.     Student will meet with Coordinator to receive final signatures and turn in completed paperwork to CWEE office
7.     Student will receive instructor consent form and turn in to Enrollment Services to be in enrolled in the proper course
8.     Student must complete these steps by the enrollment deadline for the semester, the 2nd Friday of the semester. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Q:      What if I do not approve the learning objectives the student and employer have written?
A:       If you do not agree with the learning objectives the student and employer have written, it is recommended that you work with the student to develop new objectives. The student then must take those objectives back to the employer for approval and signature. Once the student has received a signature from the site supervisor, then they will need to meet with you again for your approval and signature. The student will still need to complete this process by the enrollment deadline of the 2nd Friday of the semester- NO EXCEPTIONS.
Q:      What if the student does not meet the enrollment deadline of the 2nd Friday of the semester?
A:       No exceptions will be made to the deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to plan accordingly and ensure that all required documents are completed in a timely manner. Students are encouraged to start planning the semester before they do the internship.
Q:      Am I required to do a site visit?
A:       Yes. The faculty advisor must conduct one site visit per Title V, Section 55255. The site visit provides the opportunity for the faculty advisor and work supervisor to meet in person to discuss student’s progress during the semester. The student does not need to be present when the visit occurs.
Q:      Can I collect student’s timesheets and other documents electronically?
A:       Timesheets and other documents can be submitted electronically by the student. HOWEVER, all documents turned into the CWEE office MUST be originals, so eventually the student will need to turn in his/her original timesheets and evaluations.