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Frequently Asked Questions- Students

Frequently Asked Questions for Students
Q:      How do I get started?
A:       Your first step to registering for and completing an internship is to complete the Job Skills Workshops. Review the website at for the updated workshop schedule. Your next step would be to complete the orientation, which will go over the steps you must follow in order to register. After completion of orientation, you will receive copies of the required paperwork for registration.
Q:      If I have attended a Job Skills Workshop or Orientation in a previous semester, do I need to attend again?
A:       No. If you have previously completed the requirement, you do not need to attend again. If you would like to confirm if you need to attend, please contact the CWEE office.
Q:      How do I find an employer who is hiring an intern?
A:       There are two things you can do. One, talk with the faculty in your courses to see if they know of any employers who are hiring interns. Two, review Eagle Career Connection for current internship opportunities. To log-in to Eagle Career Connection, click here.
Q:      Is there a deadline for registration?
A:       Yes. Registration must be completed by the 2nd Friday of the semester. For the Fall 2016 semester, all students must register by Friday, August 26, 2016. For the Spring 2016 semester, all students must register by Friday, January 27, 2017.

Q:      I missed the deadline for registration. What are my options?
A:       There are NO exceptions to the registration deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to plan accordingly and ensure to follow the registration procedures and complete all required documents by the registration deadline of the 2nd Friday of the semester. If you missed the deadline, you can participate in a future semester.
Q:      My employer is asking for a copy of the school’s workmen’s compensation insurance plan. What do I do?
A:       Email Kass Munoz at with the following information: 
·       Student ID#
·       Student First and Last Name
·       Faculty Advisor’s Name
·       Course and Section Number
·       Name of Employer,
·       Name of Site Supervisor
·       Employer’s Address
·       Employer’s Phone Number
·       Site Supervisor’s Phone Number and Email Address
Q:      What if I cannot meet the required minimum number of hours?
A:       If your employer has reduced the number of hours that you can work, contact your faculty advisor and CWEE Coordinator, Matt Leyden immediately.
           If you are not able to complete the required number of hours, then you will not pass the course.
Q:      Can I repeat the internship course?
A:       Some sections of CWE are repeatable. Contact the CWEE Coordinator, Matt Leyden ( or at (951) 639-5567 for more information on repeating the internship course.