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MSJC > Career Education > Cooperative Work Experience Education

Cooperative Work Experience Education Program

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Students, are you interested in an internship? If so, please contact the Career Education department to schedule an appointment at 951-639-5352.

Employers, are you interested in hosting a student intern? If so, please contact the Job Developer/Placement Coordinator at 951-639-5352 for an appointment.


Steps for students to get involved:

1. Attend an Internship Workshop

Spring 2019 Career Workshops

2. Complete the MANDATORY Orientation

Launch the Orientation

3. Locate an Internship

Internship Search Tips

4. Follow the steps outlined in the CWEE Orientation to register for an internship.

Pertinent Forms:

CWEE Registration Checklist

Internship Search Tips

 Steps to CWEE Student Intern Success

Student Final Self-Evaluation

Employer Evaluation of Student

CWEE Contact Information

CWEE Handbook

CWEE Student Handbook ***coming soon***


Steps for faculty to get involved:

1. Complete the Faculty Advisor Interest Form

2. Attend a MANDATORY Faculty Orientation

Contact the CWEE Office to schedule an orientation  

 3. Follow up with the CWEE office

Pertinent Forms:

Faculty Advisor Requirements Checklist


Faculty to Student Communication Log

Steps for employers to get involved:

1. Read the CWEE letter to employers

Letter to Employers

 2. Complete the Employer Intern Request Form

Off-campus Employer Intern Request Form ***coming soon***

On-campus Employer Intern Request From ***coming soon***

3. Complete and sign the MANDATORY Affiliation Agreement

5. Follow up with the CTE office.
6. Review the Frequently asked questions below for more information.

Pertinent Forms:


CWEE Employer Handbook ***coming soon***
Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Communication Studies Internships at MSJC


CWEE Mission Statement

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is an important component of the education and training that students receive at Mt. San Jacinto Community College.  CWEE courses help students apply their classroom-based learning in an actual work environment. These courses provide experiential learning activities to strengthen student learning and reinforce the student’s effective work habits, attitudes, and career awareness, thereby enhancing the student’s marketable skills.

The CWEE Program staff cultivates working relationships with students, college personnel, and employers to support student access, retention and success and to enhance economic growth through workforce improvement.  The staff supports educational effectiveness and program growth through ongoing evaluation and improvement of course-related content and services, and with the use of technological resources when appropriate. 
The CWEE Program adheres to the regulations for Cooperative Work Experience Education outlined in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and in the Mt San Jacinto Community College District Work Experience Plan.
What Is Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)?
Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a unique academic program in which the student, employer, and college cooperate to integrate academic study with practical work experience to help prepare students for a successful career.
Work experience permits eligible students to gain supervised, on-the-job training to broaden occupational skills and improve competency and experience in the real world. MSJC offers two opportunities for students to receive course credit through linking academic coursework with paid or unpaid workplace experiences: Occupational Internship and General Work Experience.
Cooperative Work Experience is for students enrolled in a career-oriented discipline. This program provides supervised work experience at a job site that is directly related to the student’s career goal, and along with other on-campus lecture and laboratory courses, is an integral part of the student’s major. Students earn one unit per 60 hours of unpaid work experience or one unit per 75 hours of paid work experience.  Students may earn a maximum of (8) semester credit hours during one enrollment period up to a total of (16) semester hours of occupational internship.
General Work Experience is for students who want to explore career and work experience opportunities. This program is designed to help students develop career and workplace awareness and need not be related to the students’ educational goals. Students may earn up to (6) units maximum of general work experience education.
Students are advised to check with an MSJC counselor to verify whether their Cooperative Work Experience credits are transferable.
What are the Benefits for Students?
·         You can earn up to 8 elective units of college credit in one semester.
·         You can add valuable on-the-job experience to your resume.
·         You can make valuable job contacts.
·         Students who participate in work-based learning find jobs faster and earn nearly 20% more in their first three years of work than classmates who did not participate.
·         You can explore career options more easily through an internship.
Employers report that over half of their new hires listed internship experience on their resumes.  Research shows that internship programs are the first place employers look to hire qualified employees. Employers offer full-time employment to over half of the students who participated in internships with their organizations.
1.  You must be enrolled as an Mt. San Jacinto College student.
2.  You must be working or have identified a job in a paid or non-paid position.
3.  You must determine whether you qualify for Occupational Internship or not.
             Have you completed at least one course in your major?  AND  Is your internship related to your coursework and career goals?
            Your answer to both questions must be yes in order to qualify for Cooperative Work Experience.
4. You must attend a Job Skills Workshop prior to beginning an internship.
5. You must complete a Mandatory Online Orientation and pass the exam with a score of 20.
6. You must meet with the CWEE Coordinator to receive the necessary paperwork.
6. Determine the Number of Units you can enroll in based on the hours to be worked in a semester.
 CWEE Registration Checklist