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Letterhead, Paper, Water

Warehouse and Print Shop Stores Inventory:

       NOTE: Procedures and prices updated December 2017

All of the following items are ordered through a Galaxy Internal Transfer Purchase Requisition.  Please enter the internal transfer in Galaxy and follow up on any approvals that may be needed. 


IMPORTANT: You must use the following Category Names for routing through the warehouse for delivery:

INTERNAL SUPPLY MVC - for delivery to MVC, TEC and THEC locations

INTERNAL SUPPLY SJC - for delivery to SJC or SGP locations


Once approved by Warehouse staff, they will fulfill the order. 

If you need to order these items and do not have Galaxy access or the necessary screen, please contact your supervisor.

Printable price list: Warehouse Stock Items Price List

Print Shop -- All paper supplies, except letterhead.

Paper only:

8-1/2 x 11 20# White Copy/Xerographic Paper:  $3.40/ream or $34.00/case

8-1/2 x 11 20# Colored Copy/Xerographic paper:  $5.50/ream or $55.00/cs  (Colors include:  Yellow, Blue, Green, Goldenrod, Buff, Ivory, Tan, Orchid, Gray, Salmon, Pink, Cherry)

Please call ext. 3120 for prices of other available papers.

Receiving/Central Distribution -- Letterhead, printed forms, and water only


Letterhead SJC or MVC $38.00/ream or $9.50/pkg (125 sht/pkg)

Letterhead (2nd Page), Blank Stationary $3.50/pkg (125 sht/pdg)

Regular Envelope, SJC or MVC return address - Business Size #10, $18.00 box of 500

Window Envelope, SJC or MVC return address - Business Size #10, $21.00 box of 500

Memo message pads (pink) - no charge

"While you were out" pads (yellow) - no charge

Bottled Water:

(Available for lab use or areas in building without drinking water)

$4.97 per 5 gallon bottle - Drinking or Purified (Ready Refresh / Nestle Waters)