June 2020
Volume 10, Issue 10
MSJC Links
Juneteenth at MSJC

MSJC Holds First Juneteenth Celebration

Board Resolution

MSJC Board Adopts Resolution Supporting Black Students

MSJC Tentative Budget
Tentative Budget

The Mt. San Jacinto Community College District Board of Trustees unanimously adopted a Tentative 2020-2021 Budget during its meeting on Thursday, June 25.

MSJC Budget Watch
Budget Watch

The Budget Watch page is a resource to help members of the MSJC community understand the impacts COVID-19 closures have had on the economy and how it affects the budget at MSJC.

update from Roger Schultz
COVID-19 Updates

Summer is in full swing and many businesses and locations are re-opening but County public health officials, as well as state officials, are reporting alarming increases in new confirmed coronavirus cases.

Social Justice Studies
New Major at MSJC

Want to change the world? There's a major for that! Social Justice Studies focuses on understanding the different ways power and privilege work in our society in order to create a better world.

we are here for Dreamers

MSJC Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Uphold DACA Program

MSJC pride

MSJC Commends Supreme Court Decision for LGBTQ Worker Rights

Congratulations Marsala Family!

MSJC's Alan Marsala and his wife welcomed a new son, Oliver Warren Marsala, in June. Baby and mama are healthy.