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Give to the MSJC Foundation

Funds donated will be awarded annually by the Foundation Scholarship Committee to the many deserving students attending MSJC.

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The President Circle raises unrestricted funds for the college's areas of greatest need. Become a member today by contributing an annual gift of $300+. Members are guests at special events throughout the year and are honored in our annual report. Membership Levels are: $1500 President's Circle, $1000 President's Advisor, $500 President's Council, $300 President's Friend.

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The MSJC Pledge for Success is a basic needs initiative that removes some of the barriers to student success inside and outside of the classroom by providing students funding, food, books and supplies, clothing and basic, essential hygienic items.

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Why Give to the MSJC Foundation

Your support changes lives and communities for the better.

The Need

The majority of MSJC students, more than 10,000 students, who will enroll this year will be economically disadvantaged. Financial aid is not enough to ensure student success.

Investing in Education Pays

The community benefits from a return of $1.49 for every $1.00 invested in MSJC through higher earnings and tax revenues. MSJC annual economic impact to the region is $500 million. Additionally, a total of 4,500 jobs are created or support.

Transfer Students Benefit

Community college students who transfer to a 4-year college or university earn higher grade point averages and continuation rates than those who start as freshmen at four-year institutions. One third of University of California graduates and two thirds of California State University graduates transferred from a community college.


We are a pathway to social and economic advancement for many who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue an education beyond secondary school.

State Funding

Did you know the state only funds a portion of the cost to operate Mt. San Jacinto College each year?

We depend on the private and public sectors to help fill the funding gap we experience each year for scholarships, underfunded programs, services and facilities that cannot be financed through other means.

Education is a gift that keeps on giving. Donate Now.