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Welcome to the I Am MSJC page. This campaign is designed to allow the diverse voices of students, alumni, employees and community members to share their connection to Mt. San Jacinto College. 

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Roy Mason

Dr. Roy has been teaching at MSJC for 30 years. His advice to students is to get to know their instructors. Your instructors want you to succeed!

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Luis Guerrero Escoto

Luis is a computer science major and honor student in his last semester at MSJC who wants you to know that there are a lot of people at MSJC who want you to succeed!

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Max Hunter

Max is a kinesiology major who is focused on the future and the lessons he can take with him from MSJC.

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Mitchell Garcia

Mitch is a computer science major who tutors in the MSJC LRC.  While at MSJC he started a student club and now he's preparing to transfer to either UCR or Cal Poly Pomona.

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Hannah De Leon

Hannah is a communications major and peer research assistant in the MSJC library. She is a first generation student who is happy to share her experience.

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Priscilla Ngo

Priscilla is an intern in the CIRM Bridges program and a biology major who wants to help discover new things through science.

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Jose Figueroa

Jose is enjoying his first semester at MSJC, majoring in art and American Indian Studies. Welcome, Jose!

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Cheryl Boyer

Cheryl feels welcomed to a new beginning at MSJC.

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Angie Contreras

Angie appreciates the community she has found as a Puente student at MSJC and looks forward to a career in linguistics.

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Liliana Garcia

Liliana is proud to be in the MSJC EOPS program and the Eagle's DREAMers club.

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Anahi Guerra Brito

Anahi shares why she loves MSJC and her future academic goals.

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Ahsley Ugarte

Ahsley is an MSJC President's Honor Roll alumna.

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Elba Irene Blanco

Elba "Irene" Blanco didn't let a challenge stand in her way. She came to the United States five years ago, unable to speak English. To learn English, she enrolled in English as a Second Language classes at MSJC. Her counselors in the ESL program motivated her to keep going and enroll in credit classes. She had the desire to pursue a career in the medical field. Despite warnings it would be tough, she enrolled in prerequisite math and science courses and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

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Diego Martinez

While excelling academically, Diego Martinez has made a significant impact beyond the classroom. He served as the president of MSJC's Student Government Association during the 2022-23 academic year. He actively represented MSJC students not only on campus, but throughout the state. Last year, he served as a delegate on the Student Senate for California Community Colleges where he advocated for basic needs, housing, financial aid, and other student initiatives.

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Gregory Asher

Gregory Asher

I chose to achieve my AA Degree as I promised my mother before she passed. I started taking classes towards a degree and was introduced to the automotive classes at the San Jacinto campus. 

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Enrique Baranda

The 4.0 GPA Honors Student and PTK Member at Mt. San Jacinto College (MSJC) received the PTK Distinguished Chapter Officer Award in 2021. The Hemet resident also serves as the Regional Southeast District Vice President for the Nevada/California Region of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). 

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Isabel and Gabriel

Isabel and Gabriel Bugarin

In a heartwarming display of determination, perseverance, support, and love, a mother and son duo achieved a significant milestone by graduating together. Isabel and Gabriel Bugarin are walking today, both receiving associate degrees. Isabel's began her journey at MSJC in 1999 but didn't last long. During the pandemic, access to online education motivated her to explore opportunities and she re-enrolled. "I'm glad we have online classes. With my family, I'm able to work on my schoolwork on my time and focus on kids without having the stress of going to class."

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Kennidy Martin

Kennidy Martin excels both on the court and in the classroom. Throughout her time at MSJC, Kennidy has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is the captain of the volleyball team. Her college career began at a neighboring community college but found a connection at MSJC. Kennidy demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to service, volunteering in her community's volleyball club.

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Glenda Dixson

For many students, community college provides a unique opportunity to explore different fields of study, develop essential skills, and prepare for transfer, or launching a career. For Glenda Dixson, MSJC was a place where she was transformed.

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Jessica Hulett

We celebrate the inspiring journey of Jessica Hulett, a mother of five, who is graduating from MSJC with a degree in accounting. Jessica's academic journey has been marked by relentless dedication and unwavering commitment. Despite the challenges she faced, she enrolled at MSJC in 2003 and that same year dropped out due to health issues. According to her, this was a good thing since her grades reflected her motivation.

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James Crawford

The 19-year-old Hemet resident is one of only 72 high-achieving community college students nationwide to receive the highly competitive Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in 2021.

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Olivia Gonzales

Olivia Gonzales, from Winchester, graduated from Chaparral High School in 2021 and immediately enrolled at MSJC earning the Promise Grant which paid for her first two years of college. "Having the opportunity to attend for free for two years really helped my family," she said.

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Dalton Denis

In a remarkable display of determination and resilience, Dalton Denis a former Marine, celebrated a major milestone earning an Associate of Science degree in just a year and a half. Applying training and skills acquired during his military service, Dalton is an example of the potential for personal growth and academic success.

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