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Student Assistance, Facilitation, and Evaluation (SAFE)

(Formerly CARES: Campus Assessment, Response, Evaluation, and Support.)

The MSJC SAFE Team is a multidisciplinary team made up of members of the MSJC college community. Members of the SAFE Team are selected based on years of experience and specialized training that make them equipped to respond to a variety of concerns and/or needs. Team members may include individuals from: Campus Safety, Health Services, Mental Health Services, Title IX, Student Judicial Affairs, and outside agencies. 

Use this link to Report a Concern or Need to the SAFE Team or, for questions about reporting, email or call 951-465-8371


The Student Assistance, Facilitation, and Evaluation (SAFE) Team is a campus-wide team of appointed staff and faculty responsible for identifying, assessing, and responding to concerns and/or needs of students, faculty/staff, or community members.


The SAFE Team addresses concerns within the broader school community, reaching beyond actively enrolled students and the physical geography of the campus. This can include: full and part-time students, online students, previously enrolled students, prospective students, faculty/staff, and other community members such as partners of students, parents, returning alumni, as well as those who frequent school services and locations, including the health center, library, events, or sporting venues. Where appropriate, the SAFE Team works with Human Resources and outside agencies to address concerns and/or needs.

If you are reporting self harm, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, or any other urgent concern, you should first contact Riverside County Mental Health Crisis at 951-686-HELP (4357)

If there is an immediate risk to health and safety, please contact 911 for police or emergency medical services.

Campus Safety can be reached by calling 951-639-5188.