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Our Student Patient Portal is now LIVE and ONLINE!  Start by following these instructions:

  • To access your Patient Portal, you’ll need to begin by logging in to your MSJC SSO Account: ACCESS YOUR STUDENT PATIENT PORTAL and then click on the tab called "PyraMED".

  • Next, you’ll need to complete any remaining paperwork that has not yet been completed before we can see you.  After you log into your PyraMED Student Patient Portal, find the tab called “My Forms” and click on it.  Please complete any forms that you find here.

Health Center Newsletter


We can be reached via email or phone at (951) 465-8371 to schedule in-person or remote telehealth appointments.

The Student Health Center strives to provide quality care for all of our studentsBut occasionally your preferred appointment time may not be available.

In the event of any emergency (medical or otherwise) please CALL 9-1-1.

COVID19 Vaccine go to, Effective March 23, 2022 the Student Health Center will no longer be providing COVID-19 vaccines. Please schedule any future appointments with other local providers in your area using

Please also review this LIST OF RESOURCES for information on mental health, domestic violence, coping strategies, and more.

Welcome! ¡Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Benvenuto! Willkommen!

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Administrative Contacts

Dr. Lisa McAllister
Dean of Health Services

Tracy Enalen
Mental Health Services Director

Ruthy Joseph 
Health Services Supervisor

Tyler Hills
Administrative Associate

Griselda Castaneda
Administrative Associate

Christine Carter
Mental Health Coordinator


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