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Career Assessment

Which career assessments should I choose?
Career assessments may be recommended for both first-time career selectors and career changers. Your personal occupational history and goals will help us guide you in your choice of career assessments.

The Strong Interest Inventory is suited for people with broad work experience. This inventory reveals occupational interests in a wide range of career areas and matches them to specific occupations, educational choices, lifestyles, and leisure activities. The SII is useful for choosing a college major, making employment decisions, evaluating mid-career changes, understanding job satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and guiding pre-retirement and retirement decisions.

The widely recognized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator reveals how and why people behave and contribute to work and life situations the way they do. Knowing about the different personality types can help you understand the different patterns of learning, communicating, performing, living, working, and being motivated. Since each personality preference and each type has its own "gifts" or strengths, the MBTI can help you discover how to use your natural assets more effectively. The MBTI is strongly recommended in addition to other career inventories.

How do I sign up for career assessments?
Students interested in purchasing a career assessment must first walk into the Career Center to obtain the purchase form. Students then take the form to Enrollment Services. Next, please see the Cashier to pay fees. Bring a copy of the receipt to the Career Center to obtain the career assessment and instructions. There is a $20 fee for each career assessment for MSJC students. The fees include instructions, monitoring, specific supplies and materials, and interpretation by a qualified MSJC counselor. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. San Jacinto Campus (951) 487-3285 and the Menifee Valley Campus (951) 639-5285.

More Career Services

Eureka, the California Career Information System 

MicroSkills IV, another product of EUREKA, uses a compelling new approach for identifying occupations based upon personally satisfying skills or previously held jobs. MicroSkills IV is a fast reliable method for managing the task of linking identified, chosen, transferable skills to new occupations. Another advantage of MicroSkills IV is its use for identifying skills when preparing a résumé for employment.

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