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Everything you have, every place you go, everything you do, and everything you touch is influenced completely and entirely by Geology. From the materials that your car is made from and the gasoline that propels it, to the synthetic fibers you are wearing – everything comes from the Earth. Geology (Geo meaning Earth, and ology meaning study of) takes a close look at the surface of the Earth and its interior. In geology, you not only study beautiful rocks and minerals that makeup and the crust, but you also examine colorful rock layers inside the Earth (structure), and the astonishing history of our planet (continental drift and plate tectonics, dinosaurs, global warming, and cooling, etc.). 

group of people sorting through rocks

From recognizing natural disasters and how to be safe from them to understanding mans’ place in time and on the planet, Geology will help you become more informed about your environment and your place in society and culture and will empower you to be an aware, informed leader in your family and your community.


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