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Frequently Asked Questions


Current foster youth: Students who are currently in-care.  ​

Alumni (former) foster youth: Students who were in the foster care system even one day at any point of their life but are no longer in-care.  ​

In-care: You are/were in guardianship, kinship, a foster or group home, on probation with dual dependency status, or even in-state or out-of-state care.  ​


Under the “Residency” tab of the CCCApply application there are “Special Residency” questions specific to Foster Youth Status: ​

  1. Foster Youth Status (Have you ever been in court-ordered foster care?)  ​

    You will answer (Yes or No) to this question. ​

  2. When did you exit foster care? ​

    You will select which option below best applies to you. ​

    • I am currently in foster care (including extended foster care after age 18). ​
    • I aged out/emancipated from foster care or exited voluntarily on or after my 18th birthday. ​
    • I exited the foster care system before my 18th birthday. ​
    • I am not sure at what age I exited foster care.