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MSJC Administration by Division

Title Name
Superintendent/President ​​​Dr.​ Roger Schultz
Director of Board & Executive Services, District-Wide Jacqua Morrison
Administrative Associate, Superintendent/President's Office Todd Hoover
​Director o​f Public Information, Marketing and Strategic Communications​​ Andrea Pasolini
Director of Institutional Advancement and Government Relations ​​Karin Marriott​
Director of Foundation and Donor Initiatives Rebecca Orlauski
Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Enrollment Management Brandon Moore
​Executive Assistant ​Jill Lanphere
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (Interim) Anna Stirling​​
​Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Carlos Tovares
​Dean of Information Technology ​Brian Orlauski
Dean of Technology Resources and Support Services Micah Orloff
Associate Dean of Institutional Research Nik Mesaris
Associate Dean of Enterprise Applications and Cloud Infrastructure Katherine Stratton
​Vice President of Business Services (Interim) ​​Michael Beckham
Executive Assistant
Dean of Administrative Services/Controller Gail Jensen
​Dean of Facilities Planning and Capital Construction ​Todd ​Franco
​Associate Dean of Support Services vacant
Associate Dean of Facilities Planning & Capital Projects (Interim) Harrison Ward
Director of Budget and Accounting Stacy Kimbrough
Director of Fiscal Services Elizabeth Worthington
Director of Food Services Christopher Hurtado
Director of Maintenance & Operations, MVC Brian Twitty
Director of Maintenance & Operations, SJC Elden Shoemaker
Director of Maintenance & Operations, TVC David Johnson
​Director of Procurement & Administrative Services Justin Naish
Vice President of Human Resources  Jeannine Stokes 
​Executive Assistant Dawn Witt
Director of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Debbie Perez-Flores
​Director of Campus Safety David Paseman
Director of Regulatory Compliance Nicole Pina
Vice President of Instructional Services Dr. Jeremy Brown
Executive Assistant Debbie Grace
Dean of Instruction, Science, Math & Engineering Pathway ​Marc Donnhauser
Dean of Instruction, Arts, Communication & Design Pathway Alma Ramirez
​Associate Dean of Instructional Services ​Cheri Naish
​Associate Dean of Distance Education & Professional Development (Interim) Carrie Consalvi
Director of Laboratory Operations Cheri Hodge
Director of Title V Hispanic and Latinx Initiatives  Leticia Luna-Sims
Vice President of Career Education, Nursing, and Allied Health ​Joyce Johnson
Executive Assistant Christine Abriam
Dean of Instruction, People, Culture & Public Service Pathway Von Lawson
​Dean of Instruction, Business, Technology & Entrepreneurship Pathway Marilyn Harvey​
Associate Dean of Instruction, Health and Wellness Pathway vacant
Director of Adult Education/Non Credit Programs Jasmine Port
​Director of African-American & Black Student Success Initiatives Heather Jones
Director of Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning Tonya Burke
Director of the Child Development and Education Center Kimberly Day
Director of Community and Contract Education Janice Mrkonjic
​Director of CalWORKs Lisa Campbell
Director of K-12 Partnerships Jenny Hughes
Director of Regional Employer Engagement Corinna York
Director of Workforce Programs Avante Simmons​
Vice President of Student Services Rebecca Teague
Executive Assistant Selena Paez-Mendez​
​​Dean of Kinesiology and Athletics ​Patrick Springer
Dean of Student Health Centers Lisa McAllister
​Associate Dean of Financial Aid ​Shanae ​Williams​
Associate Dean of Counseling Citlali Gonzales
Director of Counseling Mary Lou Dillard
Director of TRiO Grant Programs Marisa Jones
​Director of Student Life & Development ​Kevin Baker​
Director of Enrollment Services Akia Marshall
Director of Enrollment Services Jared Davis
Director of EOPS/CARE/Guiding Light/Next Up/UndocuDREAMer (Interim) Lisa Campbell
Director of Student Services  Terry Russell
Director of Financial Aid (Interim) Meghan Amador
Director of Mental Health Services Tracy Enalen
Director of Transfer Pamela Wright