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Adult Education Faculty Resources

Welcome to the Team!​

This website exists to help the non-credit faculty have access at all times to instructions, documents, news, and support.

Non-Credit Adult Education classes provide adult students throughout our region access to a variety of courses that are at no cost to assist them in reaching their personal, academic and professional goals. MSJC offers non-credit classes in the main areas of ESL, GED/ABE, Citizenship, Basic Computer Skills, and Older Adult Programs.

Adult Education Non-Credit Staff,

Our website is a resource to support you and our program.  For the 2018-2019 school year, our emphasis will be on student progress and support.  As I mentioned this year during staff development, you cannot have successful results without first building relationships. As a program we can have a huge impact on the communities we serve. Please use this site as a resources. With ongoing evaluation and reflection of our department and the goals we have in mind, we can truly build a program that increases the skills, education level, and opportunities that all of our students deserve. 

Please use these resources to not only support instruction and best practices but to share and collaborate as only a department as large as ours can.  Time and attention has gone into the creation of this website to support consistency, transparency and communication throughout our program. 

Know that Jasmine and I feel fortunate to be part of a group of educators and support staff that we are proud to call MSJC's Adult Education Non-Credit.

Thank you for being part of our team

Amy 2019-2020


Amy Campbell
Director of Adult Education
​(951) 639-5700

Jasmine Port
Interim Coordinator of Non-Credit Programs
(951) 487-3710


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